Dollar a Day

Have you ever watched the movie A Dollar a Day? If you haven’t maybe you should. My 7th grade class just watched this movie. It was a great movie, but it was also sad. It was sad because even though these guys went to get a perspective on what it’s like to live on a dollar a day. It didn’t change anything for the people in the village where they stayed. They just got a perspective. I bet it was hard for the the freshmen in college to go for 56 days but, then they went home and the people in the village were still in poverty. I know from the credits at the end of the movie that they made it so we can do something to help. They said in the credits that you can go to¬†

At the beginning of the the movie I saw some freshmen in college who were going to try and get some perspective. In the middle of the movie one of them got sick and they stayed anyway. It changed their lives to see those kids. I won’t spoil anymore of the movie for you, but you should go watch it. It’s on amazon prime. Just do it!

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