My favorite Hobby! May 15 2013

My Favorite Hobby is gymnastics I love gymnastics because  I love the feel of having to push myself to do better every day that I go! Gymnastics is the only sport I do because it’s the best one i’m at . The  reason why i love Flipside Gymnastics is because the teachers are  so awesome and kind! Thank you Mrs. Tammy!


Pitch reflection May 2, 2013

1.I think Ellie, Anna and  I did Awesome in our pitch!

We all said what we needed to and one of them actually gave us a deal! It was awesome! They were strict but nice, They loved our video! I think they were actually laughing in there minds since  we were so funny ! We were trying so hard for it to be professional!

2. things that went well were : Almost everything we tried our best and we had fun! \

3. The things that didn’t go so well were that we had a video and I wasn’t  in it.Another thing that didn’t go well is that  we were not very prepared about    who would answer each question that the Venture  Capitalists would ask us.

4.The place where our pitch took place is the  little room across from the middle school printer room. It was very tiny but it was nice for our Market Day Project  presentation even though it was sooooooooo hoooooooooooot !

5.Before our pitch I was  so nerves! during the pitch i was still a little scared \ nerves but at the end i was fine. After our pitch I was so Happy! Ellie , Anna and I were jumping up and down, because we were so excited  that they gave us a deal!

6.I think we were  very prepared on assigning tasks of who would do what the day before.

7.I think what I would do differently is that we would take turns answering the Venture Capitalists questions and practice  reading without stoping.

8.The questions that the Venture Capitalists surprised  me with are:  they asked us if $30 was enough money for our project and another one is they asked us if they  would get anything out of it? We didn’t know what to say after they asked us that question!

9. I would recommend  that they are prepared  and that they are up for a big\little chalenge.

10. We  got two offers one of them was $30 + 11%interest  + a  My Stache Jar The one we chose was : $30+ 10% interest +a  My Stache Jar !n

I like the Market Day pitch!

Payton  ! :]