Summery of the Secret Garden!

Chapter   13 & 14

In chapter 13 and 14 Mary goes to bed  that night later she awakens of the sound of  poring rain and crying.

Mary tries to fall back asleep but can’t so goes to try to see if she can find were the crying is coming from.

Mary finds a  boy crying and talkes to him for a while and then sings to him to try to have him go to sleep.

The next morning Mary wakes up and asks Martha {Marys servent} to come in the nursery with her and tells her that she saw Collin last night , then Collin calls Mary to come in his room to talk to him and hang out!

The new school year !

The new school year!

The things that I am excited about are:

1. I’m the oldest student in my class.

2. I like being a role modle for the younger students.

The things that I’m not excited about are:

1. I’m the only 5th grader

2.I have pretty easy work

I’m very excited about the new school year though!