Blue Willow

imgresBlue   Willow is about a girl named Janey and her father and mother travel a lot, her father finds a rundown shack that they have to live in and the meet the neighbors across the street,thats what the book starts at!!!

Chapter 7&8  Janey was walking down the street when she saw Bounce trying to shoot some beautiful birds,Janey stood right in the middle of bounce and the ducks, get out of here kid! A short time later Janeys mother got sick very sick. there neighbor said to get the doctor after 2 days with the doctor she was feeling all right but she couldn’t get out of bed for another month . Later that evening  Bounce stood in their door way waiting to get payed  for the months rent = $5.00 [ 5 dollars was a lot of money back then.]  but Mr.Larkin would not pay because they had so little money that they needed the rest for food. Janey  had to give up her Willow plate that was her most prized position!








Call it Courage

Mafatu grew in his courage becausewhen he was little his mother was killed in the sea on a bad stormy night . After that he was always afraid of the sea.

One way I think Mafatu showed his courage was to go out in the sea to prove that he wasn’t afraid of the sea any more.

Another way I think Mafatu showed courage was when he was thrown up on the beach by a BIG wave and got a Big  gash  in his leg, the next morning he got up and walked around!

those are a couple of ways that Mafatu showed his courage.