The Cay

The Cay is a wonderful book so far it’s about a boy and this man, the boy doesn’t really like the man to begin with there imgresstranded on a raft in the ocean.

Then one day the boy gets blind and so he can’t see! Then he really has to trust the man that he’s with!

Before they both get stranded on the raft Phillip [the boy] and hus mother are going back to America because their was a war going on at their country so Phillips mom didn’t think it was safe for them there. Philip and his mother left on a boat with a bunch of other people to go to America, in the middle of the night Phillip was thrown of te top bunk  he smelled fire so he grabbed all of his stuff and ran out on deck with his mother they both got on a raft with the man that Phillip is with now! Phillip fell asleep and when he woke up the only things on the raft were the man  the chefs cat.

Phillips mom drowned or died~ Thats the sad part about the story.

On My Honor

On My Honor is a great book!

I would recommend it to anyone!

This book was an easy read for me but it was wonderful!imgres-1

The reason why I liked it was because it’s a story about two boys and their fun/danger they have together!

This book is a  * * * * 4 star book to me!!!!!