New Chapter

Today I’m going to write a chapter when Diana comes and sees Anne in Summerside….

Chapter 1

Diana walked swiftly up to the house that was truly magical… When she got to the front door, she heard a scream, “OH, someone’s coming in thru the FRONT door!” It sounded like it was coming from someone older, Suddenly Anne was standing right behind her. “ANNE!” Diana screamed, “It’s SO good to see you!” “You can’t come in thru the front door here Diana, Anne said with gleam in her eyes. “Why not?” Diana asked, “Don’t you always come in thru the front door?” Diana was very confused. “Normal people do, but you can’t do that here, we only use the front door, for special occasions, the last time it was used was for a funeral, hasn’t been opened since” Anne exclaimed.  As the girls walked around to the back door Diana was deep in thought, not using the front door was the weirdest thing she had ever heard of.

As soon as she walked in the door, three, older ladies surrounded, her nailing her with questions,  “how did the trip go?”,  Anne told us you are her best friend, is that true?”, “She also told us your married, hows your husband?”  “Diana just got here, could you please ask her those questions, when she can think straight?” Anne asked impatiently, she had waited for what seemed like forever for Diana to get here, now all of the ladies were going to talk to her the whole time? Anne grabbed Diana’s hand and pulled her up to her bedroom.  “So, how is your husband” Anne asked with mischief in her eyes. “He’s good, now how’s Gil-bert” Diana asked in curiosity.   “He’s doing good to” Anne answered, “But I can’t wait to see him again.”

When Aunt Chatty called the girls  down to tea, Diana got nailed with questions again…

Ok, How about one of you ask her a question and then she can answer, and you can take turns asking her questions” Anne suggested. For the next hour Diana answered a lot of questions, from her and Anne to what she likes to eat for breakfast and everything in between. After that it was time for Diana to leave, there was laughter and tears mixed in, as Diana said goodbye.

Anne of Windy Poplars

Today I’m going to answer some questions about the Anne of Windy Poplars book…

What did you think of Summerside as a setting and would you like living there? How does it compare to Avonlea, or Four Winds?

A:I like Summerside I think I might like living there but I think my favorite place is Avolena because that’s where most of the book is at.

In the book Anne of Windy Poplars it doesn’t really tell much about Summerside but, I can give you a description of what it’s like… Summerside is a smaller town, and it doesn’t have very many things in it, The house that Anne is staying in  though is magical, It is very colorful and pretty, but Anne’s room is the best… Her room. Anne’s room is the best of all because it’s like a castle tower room, Big windows, and tall ceilings!

Which character from a previous book do you wish were in this book (that’s not) and why?

A: I wish Diana Barry was in this book because I think that it would make it would make the book a little more interesting because Anne and Diana are Passim friends so they always have lots of fun when their together.


Summary for Chapter 10

Today I’m going to write about what happened in Anne of Windy Poplars Chapter 10…

In Chapter 10 Dr.Charter came to Trix’s house and he was mad because he lost a game of checkers. Anne only made it worse by telling Dr.Charter that Mr.Cyrus was def and that he couldn’t hear, and then they started coming up with a bunch of other lies, soon Mr.Cyrus couldn’t handle it anymore and he slammed down the vase on the table, it shattered and then they all a apologized and then he was happy and Anne hear that Dr.Charter proposed to Trix’s older sister 🙂

Summary for Chapter 9

Today I’m going to write about what happened in Anne of Windy Poplars Chapter 9….

In Chapter 9 Anne’s friend Trix comes over and invites Anne to come to dinner at her house for the next night. The reason why she wants Anne to come for dinner is because Dr.Charter is coming to her families house for dinner and they want someone smart to be at their house… The whole family also thinks that Dr.Charter is going to propose to Trix’s older sister.

Chapter 7 & 8 Summary

Today I’m going to write a summary about Anne of Windy Poplars Chapter 7 and 8

Chapter 7 was about when Anne went to Wilfred Bryce’s house to go to a Turkey dinner with her, her uncle and her mother. After the dinner Anne went to their house to sit and talk for a while and Wilfred, got a diary out about one of the Pringles that was very old, Anne liked reading it so she asked Wilfred’s mom if she could keep it, she said yes so she took it home, the next morning Anne sent a letter telling Sarah Pringle that she had a diary of one of her relatives… Sarah came over and got the diary and apologized for Jen playing all the tricks on Anne that she was playing… Later Jen had to apologize in front of the whole class.

In Chapter 8 Anne is writing a letter to Gilbert about Little Elizabeth… and how when they went for a walk Anne kissed Elizabeth on her cheek and when Elizabeth went back inside her house The woman made her scrub her face… So Anne promised to kiss her cheek every night when she had her milk so then it wouldn’t matter if it got washed off.

Chapter 5 & 6 Summary

Today I’m going to write a summary of what happened in Anne of Windy Poplars Chapter 5 & 6…

In chapter 5 Anne went to the graveyard and got to learn a lot more about the Pringles. She even learned that the Pringles that are dead, weren’t as bad as the alive ones, they were much nicer. Anne got to learn about a couple that hated each other, on the way home from their wedding, they fought and disagreed, they hated each other  their whole lives… Later in Chapter 6 Anne is writing a letter to Gilbert in the letter she talked about what she had learned a the graveyard, She also told him about meeting with Little Elizabeth. Elizabeth talked about how she liked the dress she was wearing and how she wish her father could she her in this dress. That is what Chapter 5 & 6 in Anne of Windy Poplars was about.


The Cupcake Diaries

The Cupcake Diary Series is Very good, It’s about these four girls, Emma, Alexis, Mia and Katie. These girls are friends and they started the Cupcake Club. The Cupcakes Club sells cupcakes to anyone, they do Birthday Parties, Events, Weddings, Fashion Shows, You name it they’ll do it. Their books are about them making their cupcakes and about their lives, I’ll tell you a little about each character… Emma, is the only girl in her family, She has three brothers and her best friend is Alexis she also is a model at a wedding dress store. Alexis has one older sister and is a math wiz, she’s always super organized and Emma’s her best friend. Mia’s dad  lives in the city, and her mom, stepdad, and stepbrother live with her, She her best friend is Ava and she lives by her dad, but her best friend by her is Katie. Katie’s dad left her and her mom when Katie was a baby, so it’s been her and her mom forever until Jeff Green comes in, and the hard thing about her mom dating Mr.Green is that he’s the school’s new math teacher! So everyone thinks Mr.Green helps Katie get good grades by cheating!

Anyway this is a very good series ***** Five stars for me! 🙂


Reading Response

Today I am going to write about Beacon Street Girls the book called Lucky Charm. This book is about the Beacon Street Girls, Charlotte, Maeve, Isabel, Katani and Avery. Their mascot is Marty, Charlotte’s mutt. This story is about when the BSG girls go to a fair when Marty ran away. The BSG girls made signs and looked everywhere for Marty but never found him, then one day they got a call from a guy that sounded like his first language was Spanish. Isabel who also speaks Spanish called him back. On the phone the guy that she talked to was a new baseball player Robbie Flores who played for the Red Sox, he told Isabel that he would pay the BSG 10,000 Dollars to keep Marty, Read the book to find out if the BSG take the money or  take Marty! imgres

New Character #2

Chapter 1 Continued

As soon as I hear talking down stairs I ran down and introduced myself the Anne girl was so beautiful, Red hair, hazel eyes and very slender. When I looked into her eyes I saw mischief and curiosity. “Hello, my name is Hellen Moore” I said as daintily as I could. “She responded with the most beautiful voice I have ever heard, “My name is Anne Shirley.” Right then I knew that we were going to become fast friends.  “You girls go and get acquainted while I go and get some tea started.” As soon as Auntie finished saying that Anne took my hand and went upstairs to the room that I guess was her’s.  As we sat down on her bed I got so excited that I burst out “You must tell me everything about you!” Anne settled onto her bed and started talking. “Well, you must know that I was an orphan when I was little, you must also know that I have quite the imagination. Well anyway, I got adopted my Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. At first I only liked Matthew, but I came around to Marilla… Anyway I was there a number of years before Matthew died, but I do miss him terrible, but anyway after I had finished school I taught at Avolena for 2 years, then I went to collage and during collage Marilla took in Mrs.Rachel Lynde a neighborhood lady, because her husband had died and she also took in Davy and Dora because their parents had both died. And now here I am… Right now I am the principle and one of the teachers for ________ school…  What do you do?” Anne asked.

“Well I’m 19 so I still live with my parents and I am going thru collage right now and this week I have off so I came to visit Auntie and meet you” I responded. “Well I’ve heard a lot about you and I know that we will be great friends” Anne announced.  I was so excited that Anne felt the same way I did!  The rest of my visit was very fun, Anne and I became great friends, and she even said she’d write to  me! That was wonderful.

Now I guess I’ll go back to my regular life…



New Character


My assignment for today is to make up an new character that can fit into the Anne of Windy Poplars Book…

Character: Hellen Moore is 19 and is visiting Rebecca Dew- her aunt. As soon as she meets Anne, she loves her and they become fast friends.


As I walk up to Auntie’s house that she works in I am full of nervousness and curiosity, through letters Auntie has told me about a girl that is staying at the house that she works for. She said the girls name is Anne and she’s in her twenties, You must know that I am a very outgoing girl, that’s why I am so excited, because Auntie said that the Anne girl is to! So, as I walk to the door I am hoping that the Anne girl will answer it so I can meet her right away! Auntie really doesn’t like it that I am so outgoing because she is very mellow and quiet.

As the door opened I was very disappointed, it was just Auntie. She must’ve seen my face droop with sadness because she asked me what was wrong. “I was hoping that the Anne girl was going to open the door so I can meet her” I responded.  Auntie was silent, but she motioned  for me to come inside. As soon as I walked inside I was very surprised it was just like Auntie had explained in her letters, beautiful. I loved it at first sight, I bet the Anne girl did too.

“Anne will be home in 15 minutes” Auntie said, “And both of the widows will be gone for the night staying at friend’s houses.” Auntie added. I spent the 15 minutes walking around the house, I knew why Auntie loved it here, because it had a bunch of places to be able to imagine stuff in… Even though most people don’t know it, Auntie has a wonderful sense of humor, she also has a wonderful imagination.  As soon as I hear talking down stairs I ran down and introduced myself….


Anne of Windy Poplars

imgresRight now I am reading the Anne of Green Gables Series… And currently I just started book 4, Anne of Windy Populars and I’m going to fill out so questions based on this book..

1. What did you think of the new characters? (Rebecca Dew, Aunt Kate and Aunt Chatty and the Pringles ?)
My Answer: I like all of the characters, except the Pringles. The Pringles are a big rice family that doesn’t like Anne because she got the job, one of their second cousins was trying to get, the Pringle kids that are Anne’s pupils play a bunch of mean jokes on her… But my favorite Character is Aunt Chatty, She is very nice and loves to hang out with Anne.
2. What did you think about the lack of Gilbert in the book? The author mentioned him a few times when Anne went home, but it wasn’t in great detail. (Gilbert is Anne’s Fiancé)
My Answer: I think that the author could’ve included Gilbert in the book more, because the only time he is mentioned is when Anne returns his letters and when they’re at home.
3. Anne is now in Summerside. How does it compare to Avonlea, Green Gables or Patty’s Place?
My Answer: I think that Patty’s Place was my most favorite place Anne has been yet, but I think that Anne also likes Summerside.
4. This book is written in a different style than the others, a series of letters. Do you like this style of book? Why or why not?
I do like this style of book because I think it can sometimes make it more interesting when you’re reading letters instead of plain texts.
If you have never read the Anne of Green Gables books before you should at least read the first one and see what you think of it… 🙂



I LOVE the book Wonder, the story line is about this boy, named August and  was born with a facial abnormality. In the book August was starting his first year of school in a real school, not at home. The reason why August had never been to a real school before was because he had so many surgeries when he was little that it would be silly to put him in a regular school and take him out again over, and over. They also didn’t want August to get teased about his face, because sometimes little kids say stuff with out thinking before they say it, grownups too 😉  So in the book August started school, and kids were mean to him and were being Jerks, but there was a girl named Summer and a boy named Jack that  were REALY nice to Auggie (August). So every thing was going alright until Julian a.k.a – the mean kid, started playing a  “game” that if anyone touched Auggie and didn’t wash their hands in 30 sec. there face would turn into one like Auggie’s. Before I write about the whole book I’d better get down to the reason why I’m writing this 🙂 So anyway My least favorite part of the book is when all of the kids are mean to Auggie and no one stands up to him. But then my favorite part of the book is at the end of the school year, when every one turns around and Auggie is the most popular kid in 6th Grade!

I totally Recommend this book to anyone from 6th grade and older!!!

This is a MUST READ book! images