Bronze Bow Chapter 12 Questions

Review Questions:

1)Why did Daniel speak to the village boy?

A: He spoke to him because he  looked really defeated.

2)For what reason did the boy’s friends attack him?

A:They attacked him because he was the tax collector’s son.

3)How did Daniel help Nathan?

A:He gave him a job there and walked him home.

4)Whom did Joel bring to the shop?

A: He brought another person that wanted  to fight the Romans.

5)What was the password of Daniel’s band?

A: “He trains my hands for war so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.

6)Why did the group need to change it’s meeting place?

A:They needed to change it because there was always a Roman soldier hanging around there.

Thought Questions:

1)Does it shock you to think of a family selling their daughter? What modern social practices do you think would have shocked people in Daniel’s time?

A: If I had never learned about people back then, then it would’ve, but since I’ve read about them, it doesn’t really surprise me… I think letting women choose their own husbands would have shocked people in Daniel’s time, because in their time the fathers would sell their daughters to men.

2)What is the purpose of a brand? Does it undermine the power of giving your word? How would people guarantee their promises today?

A: The purpose of a brand was to show that you would keep the promise and if people were unsure that you made that promise they can check you for a brand. Now days most of the time people sign a contract to promise that they will do what ever is being asked or promise that they will do something.

Bronze Bow Chapter 11


1) What did Simon offer Daniel?

A:He offered to have Daniel take over his shop while he was gone and stay in his house.

2)What was the hardest part of the job for Daniel to accept?

A:It was hard for him to not go back up to the mountain.

3)How did Daniel get Leah to Simon’s house?

A:One of the neighbors brought one of those clothed boxes to carry Leah in because no one can see in side it.

4)What did Leah find to occupy her time while Daniel worked?

A:She weaved cloth and sowed them.

5)How did Daniel show his contempt to the soldier?

A:He took an extra long time to fix the thing he had come to get repaired.

6)What did the soldier see? How did Daniel react?

A:He saw Leah come out of the house to come watch Daniel. Daniel got really mad and slamed the door.

Thought Questions:

1)How did Simon differentiate between a villager and an outlaw?

A:He’s different than both of them because he is kinder than both.

2)Did it surprise you to learn that Leah was a skilled weaver? Why or why not? What assumptions do you make about people with mental disabilities?

A:I really wasn’t that surprised because after all those years of watching her Grandmother do it, she probable just learned.

3) Why do you think the incident with the soldier made Daniel long for the mountain?

A:I think it made him long for the mountain because he wanted to defeat the Romans, and he was wondering if Rosh had done anything yet.

Bronze Bow Chapter 8 Questions


1)Who became Daniel’s Hero?


2)How did Thacia and Leah threaten Daniel’s plans?

A:They had never seemed to understand him.

3)Why were the man and woman taking their son to go see Jesus?

A:They were taking him to see Jesus because Jesus heals people, and their son had hurt his hand.

4)Why did Jesus say that hand-washing was unnecessary?

A: He said that so then the ladies who had prepared the food wouldn’t feel embarrassed.

5)For what reason did Daniel question the relevance of Jesus’ words to the crowd?

A: He questioned them because he couldn’t believe that they had been healed

6)What did Simon want of Jesus?

A:He wanted to learn about him.

Thought Questions:

1)Why were so many people curious about Jesus?

A:They were curious about him because they had heard that he had performed miracles

2)Why didn’t the man and woman need to look at their son to know that he had been healed?

A:They didn’t need to look at him because they knew it in their hearts.

3)Why do you think Joel stopped short of condemning Jesus?

A:I think that he did that because he began to believe everything Jesus was saying/doing.

Bronze Bow Chapter 9


1) What job did Rosh give Daniel?

A:He told him to rob a man that acted like he was poor, but he was really rich.

2)Why did Daniel give one of the daggers back to the man?

A:He gave it back because he felt bad for him.

3)What did Rosh say when he found out?

A:He was mad that he had given the money back to him.

4)What did Rosh say he needed to do? Why?

A:He said that either Daniel would have to get rid of that soft spot he had, or he would himself.

Thought Questions:

1)Does Rosh sound like Robin Hood to you? How are they alike? Different?

A:Rosh is not at all alike to Robin Hood, Robin Hood steals from the rich and gives it to the poor, Rosh just steals from anyone no matter how rich or poor they are.

2)Do you think Rosh’s actions were justifiable? Why or why not?

A:I don’t think that they were because, he not just to his men… He treats them badly.

3)Is wealth a right or privilege? Did the old man deserve to have his gold taken away?

A:I think wealth is a privilege, because we should be thankful that we have wealth. I personally think that he didn’t deserve to have his gold taken away.

4)Is Kindness the same thing as weakness?

A: I think that Kindness is some people’s weakness, but I don’t think that Kindness is the same thing as weakness.

Bronze Bow Chapter 10


1)What message did Simon send Daniel?

A:He sent him a message to tell him that his grandmother was dying.

2)Why had the villagers not entered the house?

A:Because it was locked so they couldn’t get in, and no one would open the door

3)What psalms did Daniel recite to his Grandmother?


4)What sign told Daniel that his sister was not totally in the grip of the demons?

A:She talked to him.

5)What happened to his Grandmother?

A:She died at night.

Thought Questions:

1)Why was Daniel afraid to spend the night in his Grandmother’s house? Was his fear reasonable? What does his reaction tell you about his view of death?

A:He was afraid because he didn’t want her to die in the middle of the night. I think it was reasonable. I think that Daniel views death as a part of life.

2)Why do you think Daniel’s Grandmother expected him to return?

A:Because he cared about his sister, even though he doesn’t show it.

Bronze Bow Chapter 7 Questions


1)What did Rabbi Hezron believe about fighting?

A:He believes that they should leave the future in God’s hands.

2)Why did Daniel hate the Romans?

A:He hated them because they killed him Mom and Dad.

3)What had Daniel vowed?

A:He vowed that he would get the Romans back for what they had done to him and his family.

4) Why couldn’t Thace take Daniel and Joel’s vow?

A:She couldn’t take it because she’s a girl, and girls can’t fight.

5) What was the new vow?

A:The new vow is that all three of them will fight for Israel for God’s victory.

6)How did Thace explain the bronze bow?

A:There was a very strong man that bent Bronze into a Bow

7)Why did Daniel decide to leave?

A:He decided to leave because Joel and Thace would be horrified if he left on the sabbath.

Thought Questions:

1)Do you think God uses outlaws? Do you think Rosh was doing God’s work?

A:I don’t think that he does because in the book Rosh mocks God and killing people and stealing from that isn’t exactly what you’d call “God’s Work”.

2) What did Joel mean when he said, “…it is the same thing. Victory and the kingdom”?

A: I think that he meant that if they won over the Romans then they would get the kingdom too.

3)What made the new vow different from the one Daniel had originally taken?

A:It was different because his old vow was to defeat the Romans and his new one was to

The Bronze Bow Chapter 6 Questions


1)What happened at the well?

A: One Roman soldier thought that he was a slave so he started ordering him around, to get water for his horse and then, he wanted him to get him some water, he got some, right in the face! 🙂

2) Where did Daniel seek shelter?

A:He went back to Joel’s house.

3)What did Malthace tell Daniel to do?

A:She told him to be quiet and hold a wet towel on himself.

4)How did Joel react when he found Daniel?

A:He was really worried about him and made sure that he was o-k.

5)Where did Thace and Joel hide Daniel?

A:They hid him in a secret passage way they had found when they had first looked at the house.

Thought Questions:

1)Why do you think Thace rescued Daniel?

A: I think that she rescued him because she felt bad for him and that she was afraid that if Joel came home and heard that she didn’t help him, he would be mad.

2)Was it selfish for Daniel to endanger the house of Hezron?

A: I don’t it was because it was either don’t go anywhere and die or go to Joel’s house to get help.

3)Do you think Rabbi Hezron would have turned Daniel over to the Romans?

A:I kind of think that he would, but at the same time, I also don’t think he would.

The Bronze Bow Chapter 5 Questions

Review Questions:

1)Why did Daniel want to find Joel? What was Rosh’s response?

A:He wanted to find Joel so then he  could have someone else in the band that was restless, Rosh said that he shouldn’t set his heart on finding him and that Joel had too much to lose.

2)Why did Daniel leave the place where Jesus was preaching?

A:He left because there were two annoying Roman soldiers there

3)How was Daniel welcomed at the house of Hezron?

A:Rabbi Hezron welcomed him

4)What actions of the Hezron family did Daniel describe as “heathen”?

A:living in a Roman city

5)How did Daniel insult Rabbi Hezron?

A:He insulted him by saying how he shouldn’t worship in a synagog built by Romans

6)What did Rabbi Hezron say in response to Daniel’s accusations?

A:He said that he would worship God anywhere, even in a synagog built by Romans

7)What was Israel’s “one strength”  according to Rabbi Hezron?

A: Their one strength was talking badly about the Romans

Thought Questions:

1)While Daniel was gone, did things change on the mountain? If not, why was he disillusioned when he returned?

A:I think that he felt disillusioned when he got back because he had been gone for such a long time and so he wasn’t used to how they were acting.

2)Explain  Rosh’s statement about Joel: “He’s got too much to lose.” Why was he unlikely to join Rosh’s band?

A:I think that he said that because Joel had a fancy house and a family there so that he wouldn’t want to leave his good life to come to live on the mountain.

3)Do you think the Jewish lost their pride if they were civil to the Roman soldiers?

A:I don’t think that they would lose their pride if they were civil to the Romans because then , they would get  to brag about fighting the Romans.

4)Why do you think Malthace shrank back from Daniel? What does her response reveal about her character?

A:I think that she shrank back because she knew that Daniel was part of the robbers and that he killed people, It reveals that she is a cautious person.

5)Did Hezron and Daniel react angrily to Joel’s suggestion for the same reason?

A:They actually did, they were talking about the Roman gymnasium.

6) Did Daniel view Romans collectively or as individuals? Was his judgement fair?

A: He viewed them as collectively, there were a lot of them.



The Bronze Bow Chapter 4 Questions

Review Questions:

1)Why did Simon want Daniel to go to the synagogue?

A:He wanted him to  go because there was  someone talking there.

2)How did Daniel explain his sister’s strange behavior?

A:He said that she is possessed by demons.

3)What did Daniel hope Jesus would say?

A:He hoped that he was going to talk about taking out the Romans.

4)Why had the people in Nazareth tried to kill Jesus?

A:They tried to kill him because they say he blasphemed.

5)What happened as Daniel returned home?

A: He yelled at the Roman soldiers and he was warned not to say anything else or they would come after him, just like his dad.

6)In Daniel’s eyes how did Jesus and Rosh compare?

A: I think that Daniel saw Jesus’s glowing  face and he saw Rosh in his face.

Thought Questions:

1)Do you think Leah has Physical or mental problems? Are there problems science can’t explain?

A: I think that Leah is lost and scared because she lost her mom, dad and her brother ran away, so she only has her grandmother who is very old and her goat that she loves, so I think that she’s just lost and doesn’t know what to do.

2)What is a “Zealot”? Do you think Jesus was a Zealot?

A:A Zealot is a person that is only for one side of a war and that tells other people to go on that side, Jesus was not a Zealot, because he loved everyone and always forgave people.

3)Answer Daniel’s question- where does the call of Jesus lead?

A:It leads everywhere and anywhere it leads to safety and danger.

4)Why do you think Daniel left the village?

A:I think that Daniel left the village because he wanted to get away from his strange sister and to get away from the guy he worked for.

The Bronze Bow Chapter 3 Questions

Review Questions:

1)What made it difficult  for Daniel to look after Samson?

A:It was hard because Samson can’t talk the language that David Speaks

2)Why did Daniel resent Samson?

A:He Resented him because he just followed David around.

3)Who came looking for Daniel? What news did he bring?

A:Simon came and asked if he would want to come back to the village because his master had died.

4)Why didn’t Simon want to join Rosh?

A:He didn’t want to join him because although he wanted to defeat the Romans he had different ideas than Rosh.

5) Why did the two men need to bathe before entering the village?

A:They had to because when they would arrive in the village too late and it would be sabbath and he wouldn’t be able to bathe then.

6) What was the matter with Daniel’s sister?

A:She was scared of Daniel.

7) What was the “pauper’s share”?

A:It’s when people go through the field after the pickers go through and get the scrapes.

8) Where did Daniel’s grandmother work? What did she do?

A: She worked in the field and gathered food

Thought Questions:

1) Is it reasonable to disagree with someone’s method’s  if you have the same goal?

A:I think that two people can have the same goal, but different ways to do it.

2)Is it ever shameful to be poor? If so, when?

A:I think that sometimes it would be if you’re around a bunch of people that are rich.

3)Why do you think Daniel felt threaten by Leah?

A:I think that he felt that way because she really wasn’t welcoming and didn’t listen to him.

4)How did Daniel’s Character change to make him no longer safe in the village?

A:He missed the good food and the people.

Bronze Bow Chapter 2 Questions

Review Questions:

1)Why did Rosh need Daniel?

A:He needed Daniel because they were going to kidnap a slave

2)How did Daniel convince Joel to leave? What did Joel do instead?

A:He said that it was too dangerous for him there, Instead of leaving he made his sister hid and he went and helped Daniel.

3)What was Daniel’s role in the plan?

A:He had to steal the sward from the Guard and make sure that he never moved.

4)What happened to Joel when he tried to help?

A:He got hurt

5)How did Joel respond to Rosh’s threats?

A:He said that he just wanted to come and meet him, and that he also wanted to work for Rosh.

6)Who took charge of the slave?

A:David did

7) What did Samson do once he was free?

A:He thanked Daniel through his actions since he couldn’t talk their language

Thought Questions:

1)If you were enslaved, does it matter who your master is? Why or Why not? Was Samson truly free once Daniel removed his chains?

A:I think that it does because some masters are nice and others aren’t,  Yes and No, Yes because he didn’t have chains on him anymore, but no because he really isn’t free.

2)Why do you think it mattered to Rosh that Samson slept free?

A:So that  it wouldn’t be like he had to stay there if he didn’t want to and so that they wouldn’t act like he was their slave.

3)Is it possible to get satisfaction from the life driven by violence? What would be missing from that kind of lifestyle?

A:I personally don’t think that you can have satisfaction, but then again, I’m not them, so they might  be satisfied with themselves.

The Bronze Bow Chapter 1 Questions

Review Questions:

1) What marked Daniel as a Galilean?                                 Bronze Bow web

A: He has dark skin and eyes

2) Who was Daniel waiting for? Why?

A:He was waiting to talk to a person that he used to know when he lived in the village

3)What message did Daniel want to send? Who did he want to send it to?

A:He wanted to send a message to one of the people that he used to work with just to see how he was

4)What did Joel and Thacia do before they ate? Why did it surprise Daniel?

A:They washed their hands, It surprised him because he hadn’t done it in five years, so he kind of forgot about it

5) Why had Daniel join the robbers?

A:He joined them because the leader of the robbers helped him into their  cave because he was half frozen

6)Why didn’t Joel want to move to Capernaum?

A:He didn’t want to move because he wanted to be one of the first ones to see the Messiah

7) How did Daniel view the Roman presence?

A:He hated them, because they killed his dad

8)Who was Rosh?

A:Rosh is the leader of the robbers, he is also the one that helped Daniel get to the cave

Thought Questions:

1) If you were away from home for  five years, would  you forget your old life? Is there a difference between moving on with your life and trying to escape your past?

A:I think that I might forget a little bit of it, but I think that I would remember most of it, I think that there is a difference between running away and moving on… running away is trying to get away from it and moving on is remembering it but not trying to escape it

2)What gives a slave or a bound person the right to run away?

A: I think that they kind of do, if the slave was treated badly then they might have a little right, but other than that I don’t think so

3)Is freedom a natural right?

A:I think that it is, because people should be able to do whatever they want to with their lives.

4)What causes your conscience to become dull or silent? Can you ever permanently quiet your conscience?

A:When your not worrying about what you’re doing, I don’t think that you can but I do think that you can shut it out sometimes

Chapter 15 Questions

Review Questions:

1)What was Aslan’s warning? His command?

A:He warned that they shouldn’t let their world get as worst as Churn.

2)How long were the children and Uncle Andrew gone?

A:Not very long at all.

3) What effect, if any, did the apple have on Digory’s mother?

A:It made her better in one day and it  helped her do all of the things she liked doing.

4)What did Polly and Digory do with the rings and the apple core?

A:They buried them so then Uncle Andrew couldn’t get them again.

5) How was Digory’s apple tree connect to the tree in Narnia?

A:It grew again and produced more apples.

Thought Questions:

1) Why didn’t the children need to use the rings when they were with Aslan?

A:They didn’t use the rings because they didn’t need them.

2)Why did the apples have a different effect on the Witch and on Digory’s mother?

A:Maybe because they’re different?

3)What do you think ultimately caused by Uncle Andrew to learn his lesson?

A:I think that the animals messing with him made him learn his lesson.

Chapter 14 Questions

Review Questions:

1)What did Aslan do with the apple Digory brought?

A:He planted the apple and it grew into a tree.

2) What was inside the animals’ cage?

A:Uncle Andrew was in the cage because they didn’t know what he was.

3)What happened  to the apple? What was it’s purpose? It’s power?

A:The purpose was that it would keep the witch away.

4)What did Aslan say would happen to the Witch since she had eaten an apple?

A:She would never want to see another apple.

5) What gift did Aslan give Digory?

A:Aslan gave Digory an apple to give to his mom.

Thought Questions:

1)Aslan says, “Oh, Adam’s sons, how cleverly you defend yourselves against all that might do you good!” Explain. Can you think of an example of this in your own life?

A:I think what he’s trying to say that sinning might do him good?

2)Why could Aslan give Aslan give Digory an apple if Digory was forbidden to  take one?

A:I think that he could give him an apple since he had planted a tree.

Chapter 13 Questions

Review Questions:

1)Why didn’t Polly and Fledge go into the garden with Digory?

A:They didn’t go in because they were afraid to go in because they had never seen anywhere so private and secret, so they got scared.

2)Why didn’t Digory take one of the apples for himself?

A:He didn’t want to because he was afraid that he would get in trouble for stealing some of the fruit of that garden.

3)Whom did Digory meet in the garden?

A:He met the Witch in the garden

4)How did the Witch change after she ate the apple?

A:She changed because she was trying to tell him to steal an apple and take it for his mom.

5)What strategy did the Witch use to persuade Digory  to steal one of the apples?

A:She told him to take one to him mom and said that it would heal her.

6) What was the Witch’s mistake?

A:She climbed over the wall and she ate an apple.

Thought Questions:

1)Digory asks, “Who would want to climb  a wall if he could get in through the gate? He thought the answer  was obvious. Do you? What is the difference between climbing the wall and entering through the gate? Why might someone choose to climb the wall  instead?

A:I think that kind of obvious, The difference was that people that steal climb over the wall, but the people that enter through the gate, come to get fruit to share with other people, such as Aslan.

2) Did Digory owe Aslan anything, as the Witch asks? Why or why not?

A:I think he did because he brought the Witch into his perfect world, to make it not perfect.


Chapter 12 Questions

Review Questions:

1)What did Aslan ask Digory to do?

A:He asked Digory to go far away and get him a apple from one specific tree.

2) What was Strawberry’s new name? How did he get it?

A:His new  name was Fledge and he got it because  he got wings and he needed a new name.

3)Why did Digory and Polly bury the ninth toffee?

A:They buried it so that it would grow into a tree and make more toffee that they would ear in the morning.

4) What did the children hear just as they were about to go to sleep?

A:They heard something or someone run around them and then run away.

Thought Questions:

1) Why do you think Aslan had tears in his eyes when  he talked about Digory’s mother?

A:Probable because he cares about her

2) Why did  Aslan say that only he and Digory know how powerful grief can be? Do you think he’s right?

A: I think he said that because no one else knows about grief because they have never experienced it in Narnia, So I do think he’s right.

3) Fledge says although Aslan knows what children need, he likes to be asked. Do you think the same thing is true of God?

A:I think it is, because God won’t just give us something without us asking because that would make Christians super spoiled and not be thankful for anything, so I think that he knows what we need and when, but that he just likes us to ask for it so then we’re actually thankful for it when we get it.