Bronze Bow Chapter 24 Questions

Review Questions:

1)Why couldn’t Daniel seek a new band of Zealots?

A:He couldn’t seek them because there were Romans everywhere and he wouldn’t be able to tell if they really wanted to fight or not.

2)What happened to Leah after the goat died?

A:She got even quieter and she began to die too.

3)What did the prospect of Leah’s death mean to Daniel?

A:He was wondering what life would be like without his sister.

4)Who came to inquire Leah? How did Daniel respond?

A:Marcus came and tried to tell Leah goodbye because he was going somewhere far away. Daniel said that if he tried to step one foot in his house he would be killed.

5)Who arrived at Daniel’s house that afternoon?

A:Jesus and Thacia came to his house later.

6)What did Daniel decide when he looked at Jesus?

A:He decided he would follow Jesus.

7)What happened to Leah?

A:She was raised from the dead.

8)What new vow did Daniel and Thacia make?

A:They said that they would get married.

9)What did Daniel do in response of Jesus’ gift?

A:He would follow him

Thought Questions:

1)Is it harder to trust someone after you have been betrayed? Is that possible?

A:I think that it is because if someone betrays you once, you don’t know if their going to do it again.

2)Does freedom need a purpose to accompany it? Why or why not?

A:I don’t think it does.

3)Is vengeance an acceptable way to repay someone? Explain.

A:I don’t think it is because if someone’s trying to be nice to you and you give them a nasty reply it could push their feelings way down.

4)What did it cost Marcus to approach Daniel? How do you think he felt when Daniel refused him?

A: I think Marcus would’ve done anything to get to Leah.

5)Why did Daniel feel free to love Thacia?

A: I think he felt free to love Leah because she was like a new person.

6)Did Daniel break his vow? Why or why not?

A:I don’t think he was, just that he was looking at it from a different view.


Bronze Bow Chapter 23 Questions

Review Questions:

1)What was Daniel’s hope for Leah?

A:That Jesus could heal her.

2)Where had Jesus gone when Daniel arrived in Capernaum?

A:He had gone across the lake.

3)Why did the people call Jesus “Messiah”?

A:They were calling him that because they wanted him to be their king.

4)What had Jesus afford Simon?

A:He had offered Simon the kingdom.

5)How did Simon know God had not forgotten Israel?

A:He knew because Jesus had told him that.

6)What did Daniel look for in a leader?

A:He looked for a fierce person who was not afraid and someone who would lead them to fight.

7)What option was left to Daniel?

A:He had to go home.

Thought Questions:

1)Why did encounters with Jesus remove guilt? Did they change facts? If not, what did they change?

A:They took Jesus out of the city and they didn’t really change the facts, because Jesus was talking about a different kingdom than all of the other people were.

2)What did Simon mean when he said he already had the kingdom?

A:He meant he was already in God’s kingdom.

3)Does faith always mean “to choose, not knowing”? Why would someone make that choice?

A: Sometimes it does, but other times you know what is going to happen or God tells you. I think that you’d have to ask that person, because everyone has a different reason.

Bronze Bow Chapter 22 Questions

Review Questions:

1)What set Daniel apart from the other young men at the wedding?

A: All of the other men had light bright colored cloaks and he had a tan one, really plain.

2)Why did Daniel leave the festival?

A:He left because he felt like he didn’t really fit in that crowd.

3)What was Leah’s surprise at dinner? Where had she gotten it?

A:She had a basket full of fruit, really good ones like pomegranates and figs.

4)How did Leah know the Roman?

A:He came behind the house and talked to Leah over the wall while she did her work in the garden.

5)What did Daniel make her promise?

A:That she would never speak to him again.

6)Why did Daniel know he couldn’t take vengeance on the Roman?

A:Because if he did then he could get in very big trouble.

7)How had Leah changed when Daniel returned?

A:She was no longer herself, she was her old sad self.

Thought Questions:

1)What were Daniel’s real motives for going to the festival?

A:He kind of wanted to go, but he also went to be able to tell Leah about it.

2)What are some other ways of fighting injustice?

A:Talking it out and compromising.

3)Why do you think Leah had not been afraid of the Roman?

A: I  think that she wasn’t afraid because she thought that he was like any other person… not realizing that he was a Roman, I also think that she felt bad for him.

4)Have you ever done something you later regretted but were unable to undo? What have you found to be the best course of action in that situation?

A: I think think that everyone has done something that they regret of doing later… but I think the best thing you can do is ask for forgivness.

Bronze Bow Chapter 21 Questions

Review Questions:

1)Why did the priests from Judea question Jesus?

A: I think they questioned him because they either didn’t believe what he was saying or they wanted him to say something blasphemy so that he would get in trouble.

2)Why did Daniel feel the need to speak to Jesus?

A:He felt the need to because he wanted to be curtain that he knew.

3)Who or what according to Jesus was the enemy?

A: Everyone was the enemy.

4)Why couldn’t Daniel follow Jesus? What did Jesus ask him to give up?

A:He couldn’t follow Jesus because he thought his duty was to fight the Romans. Jesus asked him to give up EVERYTHING including his vow.

5)How did Jesus respond when he heard about Daniel’s vow?

A: He said how the Romans are God’s children too.

Thought Questions:

1)Can freedom ever come from vengeance and hate?

A: It depends on which freedom you’re talking about one of them can, but the other can’t.

2)What does it mean to repay love with hate? Is that what Daniel’s trying to do?

A:It means if someone loves you but then you hate them back. I think that some of the Roman soldiers are nice but then others are mean, so maybe a little bit.

3)Do you think Daniel’s was a vow of hate?

A: I think that it was because he says he wants to kill every last Roman.

4)Do you treat vow as if they are sacred?

A: I think that I do… I don’t know about other people, but I try to.

Bronze Bow Chapter 20 Questions

Review Questions:

1)Describe a life that is lived by the sword.

A:It means that your always stressed about something no matter how hard it is not to.

2)Why did Joel come to see Daniel?

A:He came to tell him that he had to leave his house to come live  with him because his father was going to send him off to a school with one of his father’s friends the next day.

3)Why did Daniel no longer see Rosh as his leader?

A:He no longer saw him as his leader because they were going opposite ways and Daniel got a glimpse of who Rosh really is.

4)What means did Daniel use to persuade Joel to continue his studies?

A:He told him that they always needed someone somewhere else keeping a watch out.

5)What message did Thacia bring Daniel?

A:She wanted Daniel come to a dance that everyone went to in the vineyard.

6)Why had Thacia not been forced to accept an arranged marriage?

A:She hadn’t been forced because her mom’s marriage was like that and she ended up falling in love with someone else and then marrying him.

7)Who were Jesus’s enemies?

A: His enemy’s are Herod’s men.

Thought Questions:

1)Why is it easier to deceive someone who’s angry at you? Is deception justifiable in that situation?

A:I think it’s easier because then you don’t have to deal with them, but I also don’t think it’s the right thing to do.

2)Why was Daniel angry to hear that Thacia refused to choose a husband?

A:Because that means she likes him.

3)Do you think people serving in the military should get married?

A:I think that it could go either way, I think that they should married, but I think it also causes problems.

Bronze Bow Chapter 19 Questions

Review Questions:

1)Did Daniel expect to survive the attack?

A:I don’t think that he did, because he was surprised that he was still alive.

2) What did the  Romans do that threw Daniel off guard?

A:They put their shields up so that they  couldn’t get hit by a stone.

3)What unlooked-for help came to Daniel and the other boys?

A:Samson followed them he whole way there and helped them.

4)How did the battle end?

A:Samson threw a big rock and then the Romans ran away.

5)What happened to Samson?

A:One of the guards threw a rock at him and them took him with them.

6)What did the boys lose that night?

A:They lost Nathan.

Thought Questions:

1)What was the difference between the fight and the glorious battle Daniel longed for?

A: There is a BIG difference, the glorious battle Daniel wants will never happen because he wants them to be able to defeat them in 15 minutes and have them all be gone, and the fight they had was hard, and they almost lost Joel.

2)Is war ever truly glorious? Why do you think people view it that way?

A:I don’t think that war is ever glorious, and I think people make themselves believe that because they don’t want to think about how horrible it is.

3)Was the fight worth the cost?

A:I kind of think it was and I kind of think it wasn’t, because either way one man would’ve been lost.

4)How might the fight have been avoided?

A: They could’ve avoided it by not going to save Joel.

5)How would a captain in Daniel’s position decide which man to lose? How would you decide? What does Daniel’s decision reveal about his character?

A:I think they would think who they need most and then decide if that man is valuable enough to make up for one or two men that might get killed in the fight. I think that I might do the same thing, but if the one who’s in danger is my friend then I defiantly would. I think that on the inside of Daniel he loves all of his friends.


Bronze Bow Chapter 18 Questions

Review Questions:

1)Who came to find Daniel? What news did she bring?

A:Thacia came and told Daniel that the soldiers had come and taken Daniel away.

2)What did Rosh say they should do?

A:He said that it was Joel’s fault that he was captured, so that they should just leave him alone.

3)What did Daniel decide to do?

A:He decided to go save Joel.

4)Who became the official leader of the band of boys?

A:Daniel did, because he was the one who had done this for the longest and he was the one who started the band.

Thought Questions:

1)What caused Daniel to see Rosh differently? Did Rosh change or Daniel?

A: The way that he answered Daniel’s question, made Daniel see him differently. I think that Daniel changed.

2)Is collective responsibility (being responsible for the members of a group) or individual responsibility (being responsible only for yourself) more important? In what situation would you be in favor of collective responsibility?

A: I think that collective responsibility is more important than just worrying about yourself. If you were at war or if you got stuck in a fight then you would like to have someone behind your back making sure you wouldn’t get hurt.

Bronze Bow Chapter 17 Questions

Review Questions

1)What had Rosh done? How did the legionaries know he was responsible?

A:He had robbed 5 of the richest houses in town, and took everything in them.

2)What role did Joel undertake for Rosh?

A:He went and got all of the information about who was going to the party and when it was, not knowing that Rosh was going to use that information to rob the wealthiest houses.

3)Why did Daniel’s band join active service?

A:They did it to impress Rosh.

4)Why was Daniel disappointed in his boys?

A:He was disappointed in them because he thought that they would understand more.

5)What didi the boys find on the road?

A:They found a catapult.

6)What happened that made the towns people lose patience with Rosh?

A:He started stealing their sheep again.

7)How did Rosh respond to Daniel’s warnings?

A:He said that the towns people would have to deal with it if they wanted a hero.


Thought Questions:

1)Do you think Rosh’s plan was worthy of Joel’s efforts? What purpose did it serve?

A:I don’t think that  Rosh should’ve put Joel in danger, just to steal things out of people’s houses.

2)Why do loot, vandalism, and theft often accompany war? Are these acts justifiable?

A:I think that it comes with war because people are desperate.

3)Was Rosh giving his life for the people’s freedom?

A:I don’t think that he is, I think that he just wants to kill Romans, not for freedom, just to kill them.

4)Do you think Rosh’s evaluation of the towns people fair? Why or why not?

A: I don’t think it is fair because Rosh is acting like a king, and making all of the people do what he tells them to.

Bronze Bow Chapter 16 Questions

Review Questions:

1) What did Rosh wan’t Joel to do?

A:He wanted to know the different people that were and weren’t on his side.

2)How did Joel propose to get the information?

A:He wanted Thacia to dress up like a man and go with Daniel to get the info.

3)Why didn’t Thacia want to see Jesus while she and Daniel were disguised?

A: She didn’t want to get caught doing something she wasn’t supposed to be doing.

4)What happened with the soldiers?

A:They made Thacia and Daniel carry their bags

5)What did Thacia say that made Leah laugh?

A:She told Leah  that Daniel knows how to smile behind his scowl

6)What broke up the noon meal?

A: The sunlight hitting a silver helmet.

7)What did Daniel give Thacia?

A: He gave her the bronze bow.

8)What had the doctors said about Leah?

A:He said that there was nothing he could do.

Thought Questions:

1)Do you think Jesus would have condemned Thacia’s actions?

A:I kind of think it could go either way, for or against Thacia.

2)Are all lies equally bad? What about a situation in which a lie could save an innocent person’s life?

A:I think that it depends on what you’re lying about, so I think that some lies are worst than others.

3)Why did Thacia admire Daniel’s actions? In your opinion were they wise? Brave?

A:I think that she admired them because they were brave, they weren’t exactly wise.

4)What makes the world worth living in?

A: Spreading God’s word.

Bronze Bow Chapter 15 Questions

Review Questions:

1)Why did Daniel go to hear Jesus?

A:He went because Joel asked him to and every time he went he got more curious about him.

2)Why did the overseers object  to Jesus?

A: They objected him because they thought that he  was keeping the men from working.

3)What story did Leah like to hear? What puzzled Daniel about it?

A: Leah liked to hear the story of the girl that Jesus rose from the dead… It puzzled Daniel because he didn’t know how Jesus did it.

4) To what did Daniel attribute the changes in Leah?

A: He thinks that it’s all of the visits with Thacia that is making Leah better.

5)What did Daniel make in his spare time?

A: He made a bow made out of bronze.

Thought Questions:

1)Why did it seem foolish to Daniel  that a Jew and Samaritan could work together? Can you think of a comparable conflict between two groups of people today?

A: It seemed foolish to Daniel in that time because it was hard for him to see how everything could all of the sudden be peaceful. Right know there is a lot of conflict in the world.

2)Is there a person or group of people with whom you could never get along? Is it easier to seek reconciliation or to say it’s impossible?

A: There is a person that no matted how hard I try we can’t get along, and I think that it’s easier to give up than try harder.


Bronze Bow Chapter 14 Questions

Review Questions:

1)What did Leah ask Daniel to explain?

A: She asked him to explain what Marriage is.

2)What did Leah say about the soldier? How did she know?

A:She said that the soldier is homesick, she could tell by the look in his eyes.

3)What did Daniel find on the mountain?

A:He found that the men haven’t been doing very well.

4)Why did Rosh resent Samson?

A:He resented him because all of the men went crazy thanking Samson for the food that he had gotten.

5)Why couldn’t Daniel take Samson back to the village with him?

A: He couldn’t take Samson back because then Leah would ask questions like where he was from and how Daniel got him.

Thought Questions:

1)Why did Daniel think marriage was foolish? Do you think  his reasons were valid?

A:Daniel thinks that marriage is foolish because he doesn’t think he can get married and fight the Romans at the same time, he also doesn’t understand women.

2)What makes someone a master? Do they need the other person’s consent?

A:When you are put in charge of someone, that can make you a master, I think that if they care about the people that they are mastering then they might ask for their consent, but other than that probable not.

3)Did Daniel belong in the village or on the mountain? Explain.

A:I think that Daniel is more needed in the village with his sister because if he leaves her even for one day, she won’t eat or drink anything, so she could die.

Bronze Bow Chapter 13 Questions

Review Questions:

1)What did Leah do with the coin she received for her weaving?

A:She used it to buy more cloth to weave.

2) Why did Daniel ask Joel to speak with the young weaver?

A: He wanted Joel to talk to the weaver to put some courage in her.

3)Why did Joel go to hear Jesus speak?

A:He wanted to learn more about him.

4)What did the boys find when they returned to the house?

A:They found that Thacia had been talking to Leah, about Daniel.

5)What did Daniel notice after Thacia’s visit?

A: He noticed that she was happier and that she had more glow in her face.

6) What made Leah laugh?

A:The pretty cloth made her laugh because she had never seen something so beautiful.

Thought Questions:

1)Did Jesus and Rosh have anything in common? Would they have worked together? Why or why not?

A: I think that they do have something in common, working hard to achieve something, just a different ends. One wants to kill a bunch of people and the other one wants to save everyone. So I don’t think that they could’ve worked together.

2)Why do you think Leah allowed Thacia to see her?

A: I think that she let her see her because she wanted to see someone that she used to know, beside her brother all the time.

3)In your opinion what brought the change in Leah?

A: I think that seeing Thacia and seeing how beautiful she is, made her want to be that beautiful.