Number the stars Chapter 4

Number the stars Chapter 4

1)  After what book did Anne Marie and Ellen name their dolls after?

A:  They named their dolls after the girls in Gone with the wind.

3) What were the Tivoli Gardens?

A: They were pretty places where there were fireworks and other fun things.

4) Why was Ellen’s new year different than the Johansens’?

A: Her New Year is different because she is Jewish so the Jewish New Year is before the regular people.

5) Why did Ellen come to stay with the Johansens?

A: She came to stay with them because her parents had to go hide from the German soldiers because they were looking for all of the Jewish people.

6) Where did papa propose to hide Ellen?

A: He said that they would act like Ellen is Lissie, Anne Marie’s and Kirsti’s older sister… Who died two years earlier.

Thought Questions:

1) Why did Kirsti remember remember the “fireworks”? Was it right for Mama to lie to her?

A: She remembered them because it happened on her birthday, and she was too young to understand what was going on.

2) How did Papa respond to the news that King Christian had blown up the Navy? What does that say about King Christian’s character? About the qualities Papa admires?

A: He was in full approval, It says that he does what’s needed, and that Papa admires people who have courage.

3) When do you think children are old enough to be told serious things? What determines if someone is old or mature enough to hear the difficult truth?

A: I think they can be any age but just has to me mature enough, I think that if they have courage, and are wise enough than they can.

4) What did “relocation” really mean for the Jews? If the Germans knew what was going to happen, why do you think they used the term “relocate” instead?

A: It meant that they would put them in concentration camps and they would never go home again, They used “relocation” because if the Jews knew where they were going… they would escape.

Number the stars Chapter 3

Number the stars Chapter 3

1) Why did Ellen’s father dislike wintertimes?

A:  He dislikes winter because he’s a teacher and he can’t grade his students’ papers when it’s dark outside.

2) What did the girls find at Mrs.Hirsh’s button shop?

A: They found a lock on the door and a letter written in German.

3) What had Peter brought for Anne Marie and Kirsti? For Mama and Papa?

A: He brought the girls sea shells and their parents beer.

4) What news did Peter bring?

A: He brought news that German soldiers were closing Jewish stores.(Stores run by Jews)

5) How did mama say the Hirsh family would survive without their store?

A: She said family and friends will take care of them.

6) Why did Anne Marie think she would never get called on for courage?

A: She thought that since she was just a girl no one want her courage.

Thought Questions:

1) What does the swastika mean to you? What do you it means to a German person?

A: It means nothing to me, but probable a lot to a German.

2) Did it harm the Germans to have the Jews in Business? If not, why did they order Jewish shops to close?

A: It didn’t harm them, but they wanted to get rid of the Jews so they made their shops close.

3) Anne Marie said “All of Denmark must be bodyguards for the Jews” Do you agree with her? What does this statement tell you about her character?

A: I do agree with her and it tells you that she cares for the Jews even though that’s not her religion.

4) Do people die for each other in real life? Is there anyone you would protect?

A: It depends on who the person is, because people are selfish nowadays, if it was the president than maybe, but if it was an ordinary person- probable not. I would die for any of my family or friends.

5) Have you ever been called on for your courage? Does courage always require sacrifice?

A: I have been called on for courage when my family and I played bean boozled. Courage doesn’t always call for sacrifice.


Number the stars Chapter 2

Number the stars Chapter 2

1)  What kind of story did Kirsti want to hear?

A: She wanted to hear a fairy tale.

2) Who was the ruler of Denmark? Where did he live?

A: King Christian X is the ruler and he lives in Amelianburg- A palace

3) Why did the people love him?

A: They loved him because he was wise.

4) Why did thinking about Lissie make Anne Marie sad?

A: It made her sad because she loved her sister and she died right before her wedding, so she was sad that she could never get married.

5) Why didn’t the king of Denmark fight the German according to papa?

A: They couldn’t fight because they didn’t have a big enough army.

6) What was the country that the German didn’t occupy?

A: They didn’t occupy Sweden.

7) Even though Anne Marie’s whole world had changed, what had stayed the same?

A: The thing that stayed the same were the fairy tales.

Thought Questions:

1)  Do you think King Christian was a good ruler? What qualifies someone as a good ruler during wartime?

A:I think that he was a pretty good ruler and that he couldn’t have been better.

2) Would people today die for their leaders?

A: I think that it would depend on what kind of leader they are and wether he’s a good leader or not.

3) Do you think King Christian was right to surrender to the Germans?

A: I think that he made the right decisions because it was either surrender, or try to fight with little men.

4) Do fairytales ever change? Why are familiar things like fairy tales so comforting?

A: Fairytales never change unless you change then. They’re comforting because we’re so  used to them.

5) Can you think of any that doesn’t change? Is there a right or wrong way to think about change?

A: God doesn’t change, I personally don’t enjoy change. I don’t think that there’s a right or wrong way but that everyone reacts differently.

Number the stars Chapter 1

Number the Stars Chapter 1

1) Why didn’t Ellen want to race Anne Marie?imgres

A: She didn’t want to race her because she knew she would get beat.

2) What stopped the girls’ race?

A:The soldiers stopped them.

3) Did Anne Marie and Ellen tell their mothers what happened?

A:They didn’t have to because when they got home they found out that Anne Marie’s little sister Kirsti already did.

4) How did Mrs.Johansen explain the soldiers’ unease?

A:She said that they were making sure something else wasn’t going to get bombed like a lot of things.

5) What was De frie Danke ?

A:It was an Illegal newspaper

6) Who were the resistance fighters? How did they operate?

A: They were people who hid their identity and went and either helped Jews escape, or bombed German factories.

7) What did Kirsti want to eat? Why couldn’t she have it?

A:She wanted a big cupcake with pink frosting… She couldn’t have it because sugar and butter was rationed.

Thought Questions:

1) Why wasn’t Kirsti afraid of the soldiers?

A:She wasn’t afraid of them because they had been around her, her whole life… so she didn’t know any different.

2) Why did Mrs.Rosen advise Anne Marie to be “one of the crowd?” Do you think of that idea as positive or negative today? How do wars and extreme circumstances change people’s priorities?

A:She advised that so that the soldiers wouldn’t remember her face and suspect her for anything. I think it’s negative because you want to be yourself, not like everyone else. War changes people’s priorities because durring war all they want is to stay safe.