Number the Stars Chapter 12

Number the Stars Chapter 12

1)How long did Anne Marie think Mama would be gone?

A:Anne Marie thought that it would take Mama an hour to get to the boat and back.

2)Where did Anne Marie find Mama?

A: Anne Marie found Mama on the ground trying to crawl back to Uncle Henrik’s house.

Thought Questions:

1)Is it harder to do something dangerous or wait foe someone else to do it? Why?

A: I think that it’s harder to do the dangerous thing because you’re the one taking the risk.

2)What makes waiting difficult?

A: I think it’s hard to wait because you’re either waiting for something fun, or for something scary. If it’s fun, you can’t wait to do it, but if it’s scary, you want to get over with it.

Number the Stars Chapter 11

Number the Stars Chapter 11

1)What was inside the Coffin?

A:There were a bunch of  blankets and huge coats in the coffin.

2)What did Mama give the baby? What did Peter give the baby?

A:Mama gave the baby a big blanket to wrap around it and Peter gave the baby some drugs to knock it out, so that it couldn’t cry.

3) What did Peter hand Mr.Rosen?

A:Peter handed Mr.Rosen  a  sack to bring when Mama brought their family.

4)What caused the commotion?

A: The thing that caused all of the noise was that Mr. Rosen fell on one of the lose steps.

5)Where was Uncle Henrik taking Ellen and the others?

A:Uncle Henrik was taking Ellen and the others to Denmark, which was on the other side of the lake of  Germany.

Thought Questions:

1)Why do you think  Peter called Mama by her first name? What did that symbolize for him?

  A:Peter called Mama by her name to show her that  he had grown up. It symbolized that he was growing up more and it symbolized that he had a lot of respect for her.

2)Anne Marie described Peter’s comment as “only a brief grasp at something that had gone.” What had gone?

A: The thing that had gone was fear.

3)What is Pride? Is there a difference between pride in a job well done and selfish pride? When is it good to be proud?

A:Pride is something that can be good, or bad. Yes to have pride in something you deserve is something way different from pride that you don’t deserve. It’s good to be proud when you deserve it, but it can also turn into a braggy thing.

Number the Stars Chapter 10

Number the Stars Chapter 10

1)What happened in the middle of the night?

A: In the middle of the night some soldiers came to Uncle Henrik’s house.

2)What did the soldiers ask Anne Marie?

A: The Soldiers asked Anne Marie who had died.

3)How had Mama explained  the closed coffin?

A:Mama said that Great Aunt Bertie had a decease and that the doctor instructed to keep the coffin closed because if they opened it then the decease could spread.

4)How did Anne Marie describe the world after the officers had left?

A:Anne Marie had said that the world was dangerous.

Thought Questions:

1)Can true bonds of friendship be broken? What are bonds of friendship?

A:I don’t that true bonds of friendship can get broken, bonds of friendship are love, joy and patience.

2)Is it possible for humans to number the stars?

A:I think that they might be able to but that it would be hard.

3) How did the bible verse that Peter read relate to Anne Marie and Ellen’s situation?

A:The bible verse related to both of them because they were both nervous, afraid and confused.

Number the Stars Chapter 8

Number the Stars Chapter 8

1)What special treat did the girls have at breakfast?

A: The girls had cream to drink and butter to have on their oatmeal.

2)What did the soldiers do with the farmer’s butter?

A:The Soldiers needed it for them to eat. so they “relocated it” for their soldiers.

3)What did the  code phrase, “Is the weather good for fishing” mean?

A: The code meant, Are we ready to take all of the Jewish people who we know about to Denmark.

4)What sad event did Uncle Henrik mention to the girls? Why was Anne Marie confused?

A: Uncle Henrik said that their Great Aunt Bertie died. Anne Marie was confused because she had never heard of this so called Great Aunt Bertie.

Thought Questions:

1)Why are ghost stories told at night? What makes the dark frightening?

A:Ghost stories are told at night because it’s dark and that is supposedly when the ghosts come out, the dark makes everything spookier. The dark is scary because you can’t see anything around you, so something could jump out at you without you even knowing what it is or that it is.

2)Were Mama and Uncle Henrik lying about Great Aunt Bertie? If so why? Is it okay to lie in that kind of situation?

A: Mama and Uncle Henrik were lying about Great Aunt Bertie. But they were lying to cover up that they were making plans to take Ellen and her family to Denmark. I do think that in that kind of situation you can keep what you’re doing a secret.

Number the Stars Chapter 7

Number the Stars Chapter 7

1)What was Uncle Henrik’s boat called?

A: Uncle Henrik’s boat’s name was Ingeborg.

2)What did Mama warn Ellen and Anne Marie?

A:She warned them that if they saw anyone, not to talk to them, or even come inside.

3)Where was Ellen’s necklace?

A:Ellen’s necklace was in a secret, special place where no one would find it.

4) About what did Mama tease Uncle Henrik?

A:Mama always teased Uncle Henrik about getting married and how she always had to keep his house clean.

Thought Questions:

1)What does it mean to look at something with “fresh eyes?” Can you think of an example? In what situation might it be valuable to do that?

A:I think that it means to look at something with a new view.  Like look at Lake Michigan or your school differently. I think it might help the most if you’re sad or depressed.

2)If the two girls had been back in Sweden, looking at Denmark, what might their conversation have been like?

A: They probable would’ve had a cheerful or sad conversation about being in Sweden, but also missing their home.

Number the Stars Chapter 6

Number the Stars Chapter 6

1)Where did Papa want to send the girls?

A:Papa wanted to send the girls to Uncle Henrik’s , Anne Marie’s  mom’s brother.

2)Why did Mama say it would be safer if she and the girls traveled alone?

A:Mama thought it would be safer because then the german soldiers wouldn’t get suspicious.

3)Why was papa’s telephone conversation strange? What did it mean?

A:It was weird because he asked if it was good weather to go fishing and he said that he would have Anne Marie’s mom bring cigaretts  which were something that were rationed. Then Anne Marie figured out that he was talking about Ellen.

4)What did Kirsti tell the soldiers?

A: Kirsti told them that SHE was going to HER uncles house in HER new shinny black shoes. 🙂

Thought Questions:

1)Is education more important than safety? Does the answer change if the decision is for a long-term situation?

A: I think that safety is WAY more important that education, because if you get killed  getting an education, then you just wasted your life getting an education rather than being safe and maybe getting an education later on in life. My answer would stay the same for long term too.

2)Why did the soldier ask Mama about the new year? What was he hoping to find out?

A: The soldier asked Mama if she was visiting her brother for the new year, because the Jewish New Year had been a couple of days before that… He was hoping to find out if their family was jewish or not.

3) Are dreams ever dangerous or harmful?

A:Sometimes they are, but only if their scary.

Number the Stars Chapter 5

Number the Stars Chapter 5

1)What did Ellen want to be when she grew up?

A:Ellen wanted to be an actor.

2)How did Lise die?

A:Lise died in a car accident.

3)What awakened the girls? What did the soldiers want to know?

A: The German soldiers woke the girls up, they wanted to know if they knew where Ellen’s family had gone?

4)What did Ellen need to take off? Why?

A:Ellen needed to take off her Star of David necklace because if the German soldiers saw it, they would take her.

5)Why didn’t the soldier believe Ellen was Anne Marie’s sister? How did Papa fool the soldiers?

A:The soldier didn’t believe it because Ellen had brown hair and Anne Marie had blonde hair. Papa found pictures of all the three girls when they were little, luckily Lise had brown hair when she was a baby.

Thought Questions:

1)Why didn’t Anne Marie know how her sister had died? Do you think she was too young to understand?

A:Anne Marie didn’t know how her sister had died because she was really young, and wouldn’t understand. I do think that she was too young to understand.

2)Why did Ellen think it was the worst thing in the world to die young? Do you agree?

A:Ellen thought it was the worst in the world because then you wouldn’t be able to see the future. I think that it would be disappointing to die young because then you can’t have your own family, but on the other hand, you’d be with God longer.

3)How did Papa know to get the pictures? Do you think quickly in emergencies? What makes someone calm under pressure?

A:He must’ve just thought of the pictures. I think that it depends on how bad the emergency is.