Number the Stars Chapter 15

Number the Stars Chapter 15

1)How did Anne Marie act toward the soldiers?

A:Anne Marie acted like a silly little girl.

2)What did the soldiers want to know?

A:The soldiers wanted to know what was in the basket?

3)Why did the dogs act strangely?

A:The dogs smelled the handkerchief, but didn’t lunge back for it because they had lost their sense of smell.

4)What was in the package?

A:There was a handkerchief in the package.

5)Did Anne Marie get to the boat on time?

A:Anne Marie got to the boat 5 minutes before the soldiers did.

Thought Questions:

1)Where you surprised to see what was in the package?

A:I was surprised because Anne Marie’s mom was freaking out, so I thought that it was going to be something dangerous that she would get in trouble with if the police caught her.

2)Why do you think the hankie was so important?

A:The hankie was important because if Uncle Henrik didn’t get it, then the police dogs could’ve smelled the Rosens, Peter, and the other people.

Number the Stars Chapter 14

Number the Stars Chapter 14

1)What story did Anne Marie think of as she ran through the woods?

A:Anne Marie thought of little red riding hood.

2)Why had Uncle Henrik needed to guide the others?

A:Uncle Henrik needed to stay with them because he didn’t what them to be found.

3)What did Anne Marie hear? What made the noise?

A:Anne Marie heard something in the bushes, it was just a bird.

Thought Questions:

1)Do you, like Kirsti, ask questions when you read? When you watch movies? Do you think people are expected to absorb messages without thinking about them? Why?

A:I don’t ever ask questions about books or movies. I think that people are expected to absorb messages without thinking about them, because that’s how most people are. Most people also don’t like watching a movie when someone keeps on talking through the whole thing.

Number the Stars Chapter 13

Number the Stars Chapter 13

1)What happened to Mama?

A:Mama tripped on a tree root and fell, she hurt herself so she had to crawl the rest of the way home.

2)What did Anne Marie find at the bottom of the steps?

A:Anne Marie found the little package that Mr.Rosen was supposed to bring to Uncle Henrik.

3)What did Mama tell Anne Marie to do?

A:Mama told Anne Marie to run as fast as she could.

Thought Questions:

1)Was it fair for Mama to ask Anne Marie to do something dangerous? Is  protecting children from physical harm a parents most important responsibility?

A:It wasn’t fair, but during that time nothing was fair, you just had to do what you had to do. It is parent’s most important thing, but Mama couldn’t run with her ankle ¬†hurting and Kirsti was too little, so Anne Marie had to.

2)Would you have taken the packet, not knowing what was in it? What does Anne Marie’s willingness tell you about her relationship with Mama?

A:I probable would’ve because my mom would never send me somewhere with something dangerous without telling me first. Anne Marie’s willingness tells you that she loves her mom and trusts her with her whole heart.