The Secret Garden Chapter 15

The Secret Garden Chapter 15

1) Why didn’t Colin like strangers to see him?

A:Colin didn’t like it when strangers saw him because they always said that  he would die and they would look at him weirdly.

2)What creatures did Dickon bring with him to the garden?

A:Dickon brought a crow and a little fox with him in the garden.

3)What was the robin doing in the garden?

A:  The robin was making a nest so then he could get a mate.

4) Had Dickon known about Colin?

A: Dickon did know about Colin and he said that it was hard for him to not tell Mary about Colin.

5)Did Dickon tell his mother about the garden?

A: Dickon didn’t tell his mom about the garden.

6)What did Dickon say would be good for Colin?

A: Dickon said that it would be good for Colin to get outside.

Thought Questions:

  1. Mary said Colin “knows a good many things out of books but he doesn’t know anything else.” Could the same statement apply to Mary?

A: I think that that statement is kind of true about both of them, but that it’s kind of not.

2) What are some similarities and differences  between Mary and Colin? Did Colin’s  weakness make Mary stronger?

A: Mary and Colin were both sick and they both hated going outside and they were mean children but Mary changed, and I don’t know if Dickon did or not.

3) Do you agree with Mrs.Sowerby that unwanted children almost never thrive? Why?

A: I do agree with Mrs.Sowerby  because if your not wanted, then you always feel bad for yourself and you never have any time to look ahead in your future.

4)How much power does fear have in your life? What is stronger than fear?

A: Fear doesn’t have much power in my life because if i’m afraid of something, then I just give it to God. God is stronger that fear.

The Secret Garden Chapter 14

The Secret Garden Chapter 14

1) How did Martha react when Mary first told her about finding Colin?

A: Martha was really afraid that she was going to loose her job when Mary told her that she had met Colin.

2) What was wrong with Colin, according to Martha?

A: Martha told Mary that Colin had a hunch back.

3) What scene from India did Mary think of when she looked at Colin?

A: Colin reminded Mary of this man that ordered everyone around, and if they didn’t listen to him then, they got killed.

4) Who came into Colin’s room while Mary was there?

A: Mrs.Medlock came in with Dr.Craven when Mary was in there.

Thought Questions:

1)Why do you think Colin let Mary look at him? What made her different?

A: I think that Colin let Mary look at him because she was a kid, and his cousin. I think that Mary is different because she doesn’t let people boss her around and tell her what to do.

2) Several times Mary compared people to individuals she saw in India. Why do you think she used her childhood in India as a way to understand life in England?  Why might that be a problem?

A: I think that Mary is still getting used to living in England so sometimes to help her understand things, she reminds herself of things that are more common for her.  I think that that might become a problem because she needs to get used to living in England and not always go back to her life in India.

The Secret Garden Chapter 13

The Secret Garden Chapter 13

1)What symbol did Dickon leave his note for Mary? How did she interoperate it?

A:Dickon left a picture of a missel thrush in a nest on his note. Mary thought that it meant that he would keep her secret.

2)Why couldn’t Mary go back to the garden the next day? What did she do instead?

A: Mary couldn’t go to the garden because it was raining really hard. Instead of going outside, Mary went to explore where she had heard the crying before.

3)What did Mary find behind the tapestry door?

A: Mary found a boy behind the tapestry door.

4)Why didn’t Mr.Craven  want to see Colin?

A: Mr.Craven didn’t like to see Colin because he reminded him about his wife, Colin’s mom.

5)How did Mary convince Colin he should not demand to see the garden?

A: Mary asked Colin if  he would like to keep the garden a secret so that only Mary and Colin would know about it.

6) What did Colin show Mary behind the curtain?

A: Colin showed Mary a picture of his mother behind the curtain.

Thought Questions:

1)Why did Colin think he would not live to grow up? Did he really believe that, or was he trying to convince himself? What does this first encounter tell you about his character?

A: Colin thought that he wouldn’t live because that’s what everyone else told him, so he started believing them. I kind of think that he is doing a little bit of both. So far I think that Colin can be bossy but that he is just like any other kid, he can be calm sometimes, but he can also have a lot of energy.

2)When Colin said he didn’t want to live or die, what do you think he really wanted?

A: I don’t know what he really wants, because he has a boring life on earth, but he’s also afraid of dying.

3)Colin said his father almost hated him because his mother died, and Mary replied that Mr.Craven hated the garden for the same reason. Do you see any similarities between the garden and Colin?

A:There are a lot of things that are alike with Colin and the garden…1) They are both kind of forgotten

2) Mr.Craven hates both of them

4) Did Colin really hate his mother? Explain. Is hate a convenient emotion when you don’t know what you feel? Can you think of other examples in which this might be true?

A: I don’t think that Colin really hated his mom, I think that hate is a easy emotion to go to when you don’t know what to feel.

The Secret Garden Chapter 12

The Secret Garden Chapter 12

1)How did Mary describe Dickon to Martha?

A:Mary said that Dickon is beautiful

2)Who wanted to see Mary after she had eaten dinner? Why?

A: Mr.Craven wanted to see Mary to make sure that she was coming along all right.

3)What did Mary ask for? How did Mr. Craven respond?

A:Mary asked for a bit of earth to plant her own garden. Mr. Craven said that she could have as much earth as she wanted.

4)What had Dickon left for Mary in the garden?

A:Dickon had left Mary a note that said that he would come back.

Thought Questions:

1)Do you think Mary was being deceptive when she asked for “a bit of earth”?

A: I think that she was being deceptive because she was afraid that Mr.Craven had found out about her going into the secret garden.

2)How do you think Mr.Craven felt about Mary? What makes you think so? Was he a good guardian?

A:I think that after Mr.Craven talked to Martha’s mother, then he began to feel bad about Mary, never meeting her before. I think the way he acted showed his emotion. I don’t think that he was a good guardian based on not really caring that Mary was even there for a long time.

The Secret Garden Chapter 11

The Secret Garden Chapter 11

1)Had Dickon known about the secret garden?

A:Dickon had heard about the garden from Mary many times, so he did know about the garden.

2)Were all the roses dead? How did Dickon know?

A:Not all of the roses were dead, Dickon knew that there were still some alive based on how the wood was in the stem, how much was old and how much was still alive.

3)Why did Dickon think someone else had been in the garden?

A:Dickon thought that someone else had been in there since ten years because it looked like there had been someone that had been pruning a couple of the trees.

4)How many people did Mary like?

A: Mary only likes 5 people.

5)What question did Mary ask Dickon in Yorkshire?

A: Mary asked Dickon if he liked her.

6)Why did Dickon compare Mary to a missel thrush?

A: Dickon compared Mary to a missel thrush because then she would be a bird, and he could tell anyone what a bird thinks, or does without the bird knowing.

Thought Questions:

1)What makes people contrary? Is it a decision?An unfulfilled need? How does someone stop being contrary? Do you have to replace those traits with a  positive trait like love, or compassion or kindness?

A: I think that it can be a decision, but that it can also be in someone’s personality. I think that you have to decide to not be contrary anymore. I don’t think that you have to fill that space in with different traits, but that it’s a good thing to do.

2)How many people do you like? Have you ever thought to count? How did Mary’s counting reflect the changes taking place in her life?

A: I like a lot of people, but I’ve never really thought to count. I think that Mary liked to count because when she was little she probable didn’t like a lot of people.

3)Why do you think Mary compared Dickon to an Indian native? Did she see it as complementary or insulting?

A: I think that it was just the way that Dickon acted, was why she compared him to that. I think that Mary meant it as a complement.

The Secret Garden Chapter 10

The Secret Garden Chapter 10

1)What improvements did Mary make on the garden? How did the garden change her?

A: Mary weeded and made the flowers look neater. The garden made her a better person, and made her happy more often.

2)What did the robin do to win Ben’s approval?

A:The robin won Ben’s approval by getting up close to him and  acting all nice and cheerful.

3)What had happened to the roses that had belonged to the young lady?

A:The roses had just spread and grew bigger.

4)What did Dickon look like? How did Mary meet him?

A:Dickon was really clean cut and proper, but he was also really nice. Dickon was playing a song to the animals when Mary first met him.

5)How did Dickon know Mary was friends with the robin?

A:Dickon said that he could tell that they were friends by the way that the bird acted when Mary was around.

Thought Questions:

1)Is the robin a character in this book? If so, what is his role in the story?

A:I think that the robin is a character in this book.

I think that the robin’s character is supposed to be the  person, or in this scenario the robin, that changes the person, or makes them better.

2)How would you describe Ben Weatherstaff? What does he reveal about Mary? What affect does he have on her?

A: I think that Ben Weatherstaff is shy when you first get to know him, but the longer you know him, the more he’ll warm up to you. I think that Ben had a really good impression on Mary because no one except Martha is very nice to Mary.

3) Why did Mary compare Dickon to a snake charmer? What allows someone to tame an animal? Does it take similar skill to relate to other people?

A:Mary said that Dickon was like a snake charmer because he was at ease with animals and the animals loved him. I think to be able to tame an animal you have to be patient and kind. I think that is exactly the same for people.

4)Why do you think Mary told Dickon about the secret garden?

A: I think that Mary told Dickon about the secret garden because she trusted him.

The Secret Garden Chapter 9

The Secret Garden Chapter 9

1)What made the secret garden so different from other gardens?

A: The Secret Garden was different because all of the plants were REALLY overgrown.

2)What did Mary do to improve the garden?

A:Mary started weeding the garden to make it look nicer.

3)What did Mary want to buy? How did she get the things?

A:Mary wanted to buy a spade so that she could dig up weeds better and plant some pretty flowers. Martha said that she could send some money to her brother Dickon and he could buy her some flowers and

4)What had Martha asked her Mother on Mary’s behalf?

A: Martha asked her mom if Mary could come to their house some time.

5)How did Martha explain the crying noises?

A:Martha said that is Mr. Craven found out that Mary had been listening in the hall, then she would get in trouble.

Thought Questions:

1)Is gardening a natural skill or do you have to learn it? What does this book suggest?

A: I think that you can be born with it, or you can learn how to do it. I think that in the book, it’s a natural talent for gardening.

2)Why do you think Mary wanted to meet Martha’s mother and Dickon? What made them different from Mary’s family?

A: I think that Mary wanted to meet Martha’s mom, and brother because then she could understand more about Martha?

The Secret Garden Chapter 8

The Secret Garden Chapter 8

1)What did Mary intend to do with the key?

A:Mary was going to keep the key in her pocket until she had found the secret door, then she was going to try to open it.

2)Where did Martha’s mother say when Martha told her about Mary?

A:Martha’s mother told her that she should try to cheer Mary up a little bit.

3)What did Martha bring back for Mary?

A:Martha brought Mary a skipping rope.

4)What did Mary find when the wind blew?

A: Mary found the door to the secret garden, when the wind blew the leaves.

Thought Questions:

1)Was it stealing for Mary to keep the keys? Why or Why not?

A: I kind of think that it was, but I kind of think that it wasn’t? I think it was because she probable should of given the key to an adult, or at least told them about it, but then, she found it?!

2) What did Mary emphasize in her stories about India?

A: She emphasized that India was a better place then England?!?

3)Does it seem strange for Martha’s family to pity Mary?

A:I think that it’s a little strange for them to pity Mary, when she had such a different , but sorta good life?

The Secret Garden Chapter 7

The  Secret Garden Chapter 7

1)Describe the moor after the storm.

A:After the storm had gone, the moor looked really pretty, and beautiful with the blue sky.

2)Where did Mary want to go?

A: Mary wanted to go and meet Martha’s mother.

3)What did Ben tell Mary about the locked garden?

A:Ben told Mary that he knew nothing about the garden because no one had been in there for 10 years.

4)What did the Robin show Mary?

A: The robin showed Mary where the key was.

Thought Questions:

1)Do you think Mary was correct in saying no one liked her? Is it important to be liked? To like yourself?

A: I think that Martha likes her, and the robin likes her, but I’m not sure about anyone else. I think that it’s good to have a least a couple people like you, so you don’t feel like you have to change, but I’m not sure… But I think it’s good to like yourself. 

2)Describe the relationship in this book between people and nature. How do the people interact with nature? How do they speak of it? Do they value it? In what way?

A: Ben and Mary are like the only people that like going outside. In this book, Mary only walks around the garden, and Ben tends for the plants.

The Secret Garden Chapter 6

The Secret Garden Chapter 6

1)What did Martha suggest Mary do to amuse herself while it was raining?

A:Martha said that she should sew, or knit.

2)What did Mary decide to do instead? Why didn’t she ask permission?

A:Mary went to go find the library. She didn’t ask for permission because she didn’t want to get in trouble.

3)What did Mary hear when she was lost?

A: Mary heard another cry, but like one of a child, not a long cry like last time.

4)Who appeared from behind the tapestry?

A: Mrs. Medlock came from behind the tapestry.

Thought Questions:

1)Why do you think closed doors and locked places are so fascinating?

A: I like going into places that are closed because you never know what’s behind the door.

2)How did you learn to ask for permission?

A: I learned to ask for permission by how many times I got in trouble.

3)Describe one of the rooms Mary entered. What  impression of Mr. and Mrs.Craven do you get from the description of the house?

A: One of the rooms that Mary entered was, what looked like a ladies sitting room, w/ velvet everything, from floor to curtains, to a ton of little elephants of all sizes. I think that Mr. and Mrs. Craven were really rich people, but I think that they were also really nice people.

4)How can you tell when someone is lying? Did the lies Martha and Mrs.Medlock told Mary seem consistent with their characters? If not, why would they lie to her?

A: I can tell someone’s lying just by how they’re acting. I think that it isn’t part of their character, but i think that for some reason, they’re hiding something. I think that they have something that they don’t want Mary seeing.

The Secret Garden Chapter 5

The Secret Garden Chapter 5

1)Why was it good for Mary to go outside? How did she begin to change?

A: It was good for Mary to go outside because it rushed up her blood that had been going slowly for such a long time, It was also good for Mary because she began to get color in her cheeks and brightness in her eyes.

2)Where did she go most often? Whom did she see?

A:Mary went to the garden often and she always was Ben

3)Why did Mr.Craven hate the garden?

A:Mr.Craven hates the gardens because his wife died in one of them.

4)What is wutherin’?

A: Wutherin is the howl that the breeze makes.

5)What four good things  had happened to Mary since she had come to Misselthwaite?

A: 1)She got color in her face 2) She learned that she liked going outside 3) She ate her porridge, 4) and she met a Robin

6)What did Mary hear? How did Martha explain the noise?

A:Mary thought that she heard someone crying, like a child. Martha said that it was either the wind, or one of the new servants.

Thought Questions:

1)Whom do you think Mr.Craven blamed for his wife’s death?

A: I think that Mr.Crave blamed the tree or himself for his wife’s death.

2)What do you think was behind the changes taking place in Mary? What did she need that life on the moor was able to provide?

A: I think that the gardens were behind the change in Mary. Mary needed the gardens in her life, and luckily the moor had plenty of them.

The Secret Garden Chapter 4

The Secret Garden Chapter 4

1)Who awakened Mary in the morning?

A:Martha woke Mary up.

2)How was Martha different from the servants to whom Mary was accustomed?

A:Martha didn’t change Mary of do her hair or anything, she just tended to the fire and kept her bedroom clean.

3)What did Martha think Mary would look like?

A:Martha thought that Mary would have dark skin.

4)How had Martha’s family been different than Mary’s?

A:Martha’s family wasn’t as fortunate as Mary’s family, they actually had to work hard for their income.

5)Why was one of the gardens locked up?

A:One of the Gardens was locked up, because Mr.Craven’s wife died in there.

6)Whom did Mary meet in the gardens? What did he tell her about herself?

A:Mary met a little robin, It told Mary that she had a little room for love in her heart.

7)Why did the robin come? Where did he live?

A:The robin came from his nest to check her out, he lived in-between two gardens.

The Secret Garden Chapter 3

The Secret Garden Chapter 3

1)How did Mrs.Medlock’s speech change when they got off the train?

A:Mrs.Medlock started talking in Yorkshire.

2)Describe the Moor.

A:A moor is a plain spot with no plants or trees.

3)Who met Mary and Mrs.Medlock when they arrived a Misselthwaite?

A:Mr.Pitcher met them at the door.

Thought Questions:

1)Why do you think Mr.Craven didn’t want to see Mary?

A: I think that Mr.Craven was like his sister, he didn’t care if Mary was there, but he didn’t want to see her.

2) In your opinion why did he bring her to England? Is obligation a good reason to do something? Can bad motives spoil a good action?

A: I think Mr.Craven only brought her to England because he kind of had to. I think that bad motives can  spoil a good action.

The Secret Garden Chapter 1

The Secret Garden Chapter 1

1)Who was Mary Lennox? Why was she so bad tempered?

A:Mary Lennox is a little girl that wasn’t wanted by her parents. She was always bad-tempered because her servants always gave her what she wanted.

2)What was an Ayah?

A:Ayah was what Mary called her servant.

3)Why did Mary stare at her mom?

A: Mary stared at her mom because she had never seen her before and because she was so beautiful.

4)Why was it so quiet when Mary awoke?

A:The house was so quiet because everyone had died-Her mom, dad and all of the servants.

Thought Questions:

1)Does being wanted affect a child’s disposition? How much should family shape who you are?

A:I think that being wanted affects them a lot. I also think that family shapes children a lot also.

2)What is your impression of India from Burnett’s description? Is it positive or negative? How does this chapter create a foundation for Mary’s personality?

A:So far the definition is negative. This chapter has surely made a statement.

3)How did Mary expect to be treated? How does she respond to tragedy? Where do you think she learned to behave that way?

A:Mary expected everyone to give her everything she wanted. Mary didn’t really think about anyone else, she really only thought about herself. I think that Mary learned to act that way from her mom.