Carry on Mr.Bowditch Chapter 11

Carry on Mr.Bowditch Chapter 11

1)Why were American ships being attacked?

A:American ships were being attacked because they were neutral at the time so France and England were both attacking them.

2)Why was Nat indignant about the editorial?

A: Nat was always indignant about editorial because it drove him crazy.

3)Did Dr. Bentley agree with Ben?

A: Dr.Bentley doesn’t exactly agree with Ben, but he doesn’t disagree.

4)Why did Captain Gibaut say America needed a navy?

A: Captain Gibaut said that America needed an army so that they can protect themselves.

Thought Questions:

1)Dr.Bentley said, “We can’t have freedom- unless we have freedom.” Explain. Do you agree? Do people still need to hear that statement today? In what situations?

A: He’s basically saying that to have freedom all people have to be free. I do agree with that. I don’t think that people hear it as much.

2)Compare ventures to the stock market. Does on involve a greater risk? A: I think that stock is a greater risk.

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