Carry on Mr.Bowditch Chapter 13

Carry on Mr.Bowditch Chapter 13

1)Why had Bourbon changed because of the Revolution? What was it’s new name?

A: Bourbon had changed it’s name because of the war. The harbor’s new name is Réunion.

2)What had happened to the harbor? How did this change the Henry’s plans?

A:Bourbon had changed because of the war, so they didn’t let any ships that weren’t theres in or out of the harbor. This changed the Henry’s plans because they were going to enter that harbor.

3)How had the frenchman tricked Captain Blanchard?

A: The frenchmen said that they had given him a ‘good’ deal because he thought that he was so cool for saying Vive la république!

4)What did Nat find when he was studying Moore’s Navigator?

A: Nat found some mistakes in Moore’s Navigator.

5)What did Dr.Bentley tell Nat when he returned to Salem?

A:Dr.Bentley told Nat that David, Mary’s husband had died of a fever.

Thought Questions:

1)Why did the leaders of the French Revolution insist on calling everyone “Citizen”?

A: They insisted on it so that it wasn’t hard to remember all of the different names for people.

3)Is anyone above making mistakes? Have you ever assumed someone was?

A: I don’t think that anyone can not make mistakes. I think that some people like to act like they never make mistakes because they think that it makes them look cool, but it really doesn’t because they’re just acting like that for attention.

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