Carry on Mr.Bowditch Chapter 14

Carry on Mr.Bowditch Chapter 14

1)What did Mary want to tell Nat?

A: Mary wanted to tell Nat that she was happy that Nat had insisted on her marrying David because it had been the happiest two years in her life.

2)Where did Mr.Derby want to send Nat and Captain Prince next? What language did Nat need to learn for the voyage?

A: Mr.Derby wanted to send Nat and Captain Prince to Manila. Nat would have to learn spanish if he was going to go on that trip.

3)Why was Mr.Collins upset with Nat for teaching the sailors?

A: Mr. Collins didn’t want Nat to teach all of the men because after they learned then they could go on other ships.

4)What did Elizabeth do right before Nat left?

A: Elizabeth ran and gave Nat a hug before he left and said that she would always watch for him.

Thought Questions:

1)Latham describes the deaths of Nat’s friends and families in very brief, straightforward sentences. What is the effect of this technique? How does it fit into Nat’s way of dealing hardships?

A: I think that the author didn’t want to make all of the deaths a big deal. I think that this shows that Nat likes to get over the hard things fast.

2)Some of the men Nat taught were able to take new, better positions as a result. If you had the ability to do so, is moving up in a career always the best choice?

A: I think that it’s always a better idea.

3)Do you think Lem Harvey’s training methods were effective?

A: I think that they were because he learned a lot and it made him a better person.

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