Carry on Mr.Bowditch Chapter 15

Carry on Mr.Bowditch Chapter 15

1)What was Lem Harvey’s problem?

A:  Lem had a temper and was “born to fight”.

2)What did Nat offer the crew? What was there response?

A: Nat offered the crew that he would teach them navigation if they wanted him to. A lot of them thought that they would like it, but Lem Harvey didn’t want anything to do with it.

3)What kind of ship approached the Astrea? What colors was she flying?

A: A fighting ship approached the Astrea. The ship’s sail was red and white stripes.

4)What, according to Nat, prevented Lem from learning?

A: The thing that prevents Lem from learning is his anger.

5)What made the men think the sea was on fire?

A: The men thought that the sea was on fire because there were a bunch of sea animals that lit up.

Thought Questions:

1)Nat said “It did things to a man… to find out he had a brain.” Explain. Do you agree?

A: I think that was Nat means is when a man finds out that he is actually good at something then is encourages him. I do agree with that.

2)Why did Nat lie for Lem? Were his actions justifiable?

A: Nat lied for Lem so that Captain Prince wouldn’t yell at Lem. I think that it was a nice thing for Nat to do, but not the best thing.

3)How did learning change in Lem’s attitude? Why do you think it did?

A:I think that learning helped Lem remember that he was smart, so that encouraged him.

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