Carry on Mr.Bowditch Chapter 16

Carry on Mr.Bowditch Chapter 16

1)Why did Captain Prince repeatedly exclaim to Nat “you mathematician!” ?

A: It always drove Captain Prince crazy when Nat started talking and he couldn’t understand him, so he’d always yell “you mathematician!”

2)Describe the outrigger canoe.

A: The outrigger canoe is a little canoe that can go very fast and can float well because it is made out of bamboo.

3)What happened on the return trip that made the crew short-handed?

A:On the way back, they ship sprung a leak so a lot of the men had to stay underboard to help pump the water out.

4)Who was waiting for Nat when he reached the wharf? Why wasn’t he pleased?

A: Elizabeth was waiting for him at the wharf, Nat wasn’t pleased because Elizabeth was with a different man waiting for Nat.

Thought Questions:

1)How did Nat’s feelings for Elizabeth change durring the voyage? Why do you think he only realized how he felt when he was far from home?

A: Nat missed Elizabeth more when he was out at sea. I think that he realized this when he was out at sea more because he hadn’t seen her in a long time.

2)Which do you think would be worse- a leak or a fight?  What is the difference between these two disasters and the responses  they demand?

 A: I think that a leak is worse, because you can easily drive someone away, but you can’t easily patch a leak.

3) Does the age gap between Nat and Elizabeth seem significant to you? Do you think it is more or less significant in Nat’s time than it would be today?

A: I think that since Elizabeth is 17 and Nat is 24- 7 years of age is a big difference. I think that 7 years is more significant now then back then because now most people try to marry someone that is in a year or two of age with them.

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