Carry on Mr. Bowditch Chapter 17

Carry on Mr. Bowditch Chapter 17

1)Why did America need a navy?

A:America needed a  navy to stay well protected on all sides.

2)How did Mr.Blunt respond to Nat’s criticism?

A: Mr.Blunt turned red and his face swelled up every single time Nat criticized him.

3)Why did David want Nat to be at the husking party?

A:David wanted Nat to be at the husking party because he was going to spread the news that he and Elizabeth were going to get married.

4)What did a red ear of corn mean? What did Nat and Elizabeth decide to do?

A: A red ear of corn meant that he had to kiss someone. Nat and Elizabeth decided to get married.

5)Where did Captain Prince intend to sail next?

A: Captain Prince intended to sail to the Mediterranean next.

6)What news did the Harveys bring about Lem?

A: The Harveys came and told Nat that Lem had gotten to be second mate for the Betsy.

7)Why did Nat prefer the French to the English farewell?

A: The French always have short goodbyes not really long ones.

Thought Questions:

1)Was Nat an astronomer? What gives a title like that its worth and meaning?

A: Nat wasn’t an astronomer.  I think that when people see that someones an astronomer then they think that they have to be super smart.

2)Captain Prince told Elizabeth that “An anchor won’t hold if the cable’s too short.” What does that tell you  about his definition of a proper mariner’s wife?

A: I think that what  Captain Prince is saying is that to be a mariner you have to have a good wife.

3)Do women know more about love then men do?

A: I think that women do know more about love then men do.

4)Is “not worrying” more important than hearing the truth? Which would you prefer? Why?

A: I think that hearing the truth is always better, so then you’re not just guessing whats going to happen. I like knowing the truth better so then I don’t have to wonder.

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