Sydney Australia


Growing in skills

on March 22, 2013

I’ve seen that I have been growing my skills in working in groups, participating more, gettting rid of my stage fright was probably the hardest thing to do. ¬†If i messed up I would always think that someone would laugh at me or say ‘that was ¬†terrible’. But do you know how I got rid of my stage fright? All I thought about was some one that was important to me or someone who was hurt and needed heeling and I started to pray. I have a conversation in my mind with him saying ‘With God all things are possible! And I know that its true so I got up there and kept saying in my mind ‘with God all things are possible With God all things are possible’ And I think about someone who Is hurt or is sick and I pray for them. I when I get off stage everyone is like that was really good!?!?!?! Thats what skill I accomplished!!!!!

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