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My Picture Book Reflection

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I have just conquered the hard task of finishing writing my picture book. It was an amazing experience for me, I absolutely loved it. When I read it to the kids, their faces lit up and it made all of the hard work worth it. I thought that it was really fun to just relax and in the free time that I had in my busy schedule, just do my picture book. I thought that it was a great experience, and it was really fun. If I could change one thing about my book it would be the page with about the author. I feel like it wasn’t my best work, it was kind of poorly written. The night that we had to do that page was a really busy night for me. I would probably also change the back part of the cover. I do like the design, and I like how it continues through the front to the back, although I do feel like I could have written a better explanation.

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