February 19

My Mystery Story

“What happened here?” The detective asked, looking at the cold corpse none other than Winni. It had been a few days after the crime had happened.

“I don’t know sir,” the poor man known as Wensin replied. “I was just doing my night shift here at the museum when I saw something strange. I flashed my light on it and I just saw him laying there. I thought he was one of the mannequins that had somehow fallen out of its exhibit at first, but when I looked closer, I realized it was a man. A dead one too.” The detective took out a pencil and jotted everything down.

“Do you know anything else?” he asked.

“Well,” Wensin continued, “I thought I saw a ring on his finger, kind of like a wedding ring but with a lot more diamond-looking jewelry… but I don’t think he has it on now. Maybe it slipped off his finger?”

“Perhaps, or perhaps he culprit killed him and came for the ring later. Perhaps someone realized he was dead and took the ring while no one was looking.” The detective soliloquized, “How much money do you have?”

“On me? None.” The night guard replied.

“No, no. I mean in general.” The detective said, his pencil moving two times faster than his lips.

“Just enough to put food on my table, have a halfway decent apartment and clothes that aren’t ripped to pieces.” Wensin replied. The detective, finding that he squeezed all the information possible from the man, left to interview the next person. As he was walking away from Wensin, he heard Wensin mumble, “I hate my job…”

He approached the tour guide known as Fishi. After explaining what happened, he began asking questions.

“Where were you the evening of the murder?” He asked.

“I was here at the museum. I was showing a group of elementary students from Blooming Meadows Elementary School around the museum. Then I showed a group of adults from Massachusetts around. Then after closing, I went home and had supper with my wife.”

“Did anything seem suspicious to you?” the detective asked.

“Well, I saw Enni at his shift and he waved goodbye before he left. but I could have sworn I saw him an hour later…” He replied.

“What was he doing?” the detective asked.

“Well, he was kinda looking around. Before I passed, he put his hood over his head and looked the other way…” He replied.

“Does your wife like jewelry?” the detective asked, looking up from the pad of paper for an instant then looking back down at it as he continued writing.

“Depends on what kind, she doesn’t like rings that much because she complains that it hurt her fingers. She barely can stand wearing her wedding ring. She doesn’t have her ears pierced but she does like to wear bracelets and necklaces every once in awhile.” the tour guide said.

“How much money do you have?” the detective asked.

“Well, I always considered myself decently wealthy. Not like I have a mansion or anything though. However, I’m expecting to be a father soon so I’m trying to find a second job to earn a little more cash for our baby girl.” He said. The detective congratulated him for his future daughter then asked the final question,

“Do you know anything about the murder?”

“The only things I know was from the news and from you.” The tour guide replied. With that, the detective left to find Sharpi, the security lady. After being informed about the case he began to ask her questions.

“Where were you the evening of the murder?” he asked.

“I was in the security room making sure no one was stealing the museum’s property.” she replied.

“Did you see anything usual or strange?” He asked.

“Well I saw two guys go into the bathroom before closing, but they should have been able to get out before closing. There was also some guy who hid behind things and scared people. However, he was evacuated off the premises. So no, not really.” She replied.

“Do you like jewelry?” He asked.

“As long as it’s pretty I do.” She said, holding up her hand revealing a golden band covered in sparkles, “But this is all I have.”

“How much money do you have?” he asked her, only glancing at her ring before noting her answer.

“Decently rich.” she replied. With that, the detective was done with his interviewing. He knew who had done it.

When the museum was closing, Fishi pulled Winni into the bathroom for some privacy knowing that the ring was of high value. He suffocated Winni and pulled him into a hallway so the guards would find him and to hide the evidence. Before he could grab the ring, he heard Wensin coming and fled. When Wensin left the corpse to lead the police to the crime scene, he quickly grabbed the ring and left the museum. The police found the ring a week later at a local pawn shop. He did it because the cost of having a child scared him and he could tell that the ring had at least three times the worth of the average wedding ring.

Sharpi loves jewelry. She has enough money to buy whatever ring she wants, but she is very picky about her jewelry, especially rings seeing she only has one. If she didn’t have such picky tastes she would have had more than that. She couldn’t have done the crime because she had been in the control room the whole day as well.

Wensin is somewhat poor, but he is content of what he has. He doesn’t really like his job when it all of a sudden takes time away from time he could be at home or making money. He wouldn’t have been that upset if he had done the crime, because he would have known that he probably would have to take time to do the interview and everything.

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