Newsletter #19

Newsletter #19

We had a shorter 4 day week, but continue to take on more independence as kindergarteners now that we are halfway through Kindergarten! I continue to encourage them to take on more challenges and they are so excited when I say – are you guys ready to try another challenge?! 🙂 The weather has been interesting so thank you for sending your children with all the winter gears they need to stay warm and dry!

What did we learn and What will we learn?

Mandarin/Language Arts: We continue to practice recognizing words, making meaning as well as practicing reading strategy as we read together in class. There are some things in framework that I used to guide them through as they work, that I am starting to have the children try working on by themselves 🙂 We are transitioning towards more independence in Mandarin tasks as well! We will be reviewing how Daily 5 goes and starting to make our own choices of Daily 5 each day!

Bible:  We started talking about how Holy Spirit (that stays in our heart) helps us to make good choices and to remember not to sin. This week as we tell the story of Jesus and Zacchaeus and Jesus with the Samarithan Woman, we focus on talking about how as we trust in Jesus, He saves us from our sin and we are a changed man. It is a harder concept for Kindergarteners to grasp (and in their second language as well) but the children are learning about how much God loves them!

Memory Verse/Fruit of the Spirit: These are always a little harder to understand so when you practice at home with your child, feel free to expand and help them make more connections too.

We are talking about our January Fruit of Spirit: Kindness. We will be reviewing how we can be kind and safe with our looks, words, actions and gestures. We started talking about our January Memory Verse and talk about why Jesus says we have to be like little children as we enter heaven. We are also practicing the Lord’s Prayer, you can find the recording of bible memory verses on our blog for practice at home.

Math: We practiced our numbers (1-10) the school way and started practicing writing teen numbers as well. If you notice your child writing their numbers backwards, or the wrong way, try asking them, does that look right? Giving them the reminder to flip their numbers. We have started talking about teen numbers, exploring them as 10+more, as well as started talking about partners group for our numbers. (5 and 1 are partners that adds up to 6, and so is 3 and 3, 2 and 4… and so on) We will be talking more about teen numbers, partner groups as well as addition and subtraction next week.

Exploring God’s World (Sci/SocStu): We are learning about Motion in Science! It is an exciting unit with a lot of movements involved. This week we focus on talking about motions with balls (how does size/weight affect speed, how does push/pull work, and how…) We are also reviewing concepts of Self-Discipline, Responsibility and Fairness, it ties in with coming back and the children knows more about their responsibilities at this time of the year.

Writing: This week we tried to write sequential stories looking at pictures as a class. Next week we will launch into trying to write stories with words! It could be overwhelming for the Kindergarteners to think about writing stories with Mandarin characters but I am positive that they will do great!

Play: One of my most memorable moments during play this week is seeing the children playing school with animals. It was so great to witness, hear and see the children interacting with each other and taking different roles to play school!

Things to Note:

Report Cards: Please read the report card note that was send home – you would need to set up an account so you can view the report card online. I am excited to share the children’s progress with you – let me know if you have any questions 🙂

BOOK IT: Book it February went home on Friday. Keep reading!

Box Top: Feel free to send in box top anytime, and when you do, please label S.Sulayman on the bag and write down the total amount of box top collected. Thank you!

Field Trip: Our next field trip will be to the For the Kidz Gym on February 10th. Please make sure you complete the waiver online here, so that your child can participate in this field trip.

Valentine Quarters: We will raise money for our sponsor child in the Philippines this month. The Valentine Quarters package/letter was send home this week. The heart sheet attached is the sheet your child will be turning in at the end of February. For each “task/job” they completed, you are welcome to tape a quarter (or more) on the heart sheet, or collect it in a bag and cross the heart out. We will learn to love the others during this time of the year, as we earn money to support our friend Wayne at Philippines. 

Classroom Valentines: We are also going to show our love to our neighbors by having classroom valentines. We will make a small basket for each children where they can exchange valentines. It is optional – if your child is thinking of sending valentines please make sure it is peanut/tree-nut free, also coconut (and coconut oil) free!

Mandarin Homework&Flashcard: Homework and Flashcard this coming week are from U3W5. Please continue to help me in keeping your children accountable for following stroke order and word proportion on Homework, and recognizing characters for Flashcard. Thank you for all you do at home!

From the Immersion Program Coordinator – On Tuesday, January 31 at 7:00 pm we will host an informational meeting for anyone interested in learning more about the Spanish or Mandarin immersion programs at ZCS. We will present an overview of what immersion looks like at Zeeland Christian, hear from an immersion parent, and open it up for a question and answer time. This meeting will be geared towards potential families but will also address many questions that existing families might have, so spread the word to parents of young children and consider joining us yourself. Grandparents who want to understand immersion education better are also invited!

What’s Coming Up?

Specials: Monday – Spanish, Art, Tuesday – Music, Spanish, Wednesday – Library, Thursday – Spanish.

Featured Friend: Soren 屈子勇 is featured on the week of January 30th. Kennin 徐陈序可 is featured on the week of February 6th, and Abi 韩明慧 is featured on the week of February 13th.

Immersion Information Meeting: January 31st.

For The Kidz Fieldtrip: February 10th.

NO hot lunch or PM bussing: February 10th.

100th Day Celebration: February 13th. Please read the 100th Day Snack Challenge Note that was sent home and consider participating 🙂

President’s Day – NO SCHOOL: February 20th.

Prayer Request:

We have ended our second semester, and we are halfway through Kindergarten! It’s exciting to see where the students are, thinking back to how we started the year. It felt like yesterday! Please continue to pray for our class and the kindergarteners – we are taking on more independence and challenges in class as the children continue to grow. The weeks ahead are busy (with usual framework/subjects learning), as well as school events here and there!


- 黎老师

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