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boat race
Our first race didn't go has planned. It took 20.45 seconds. We didn't have a big enough sail, so it didn't get very much power. We needed more weight on the back. It would have gone faster if we didn't put the straws on the bottom because that made (More)
Science Boat
Our idea was to make a sail boat. The tupperware and tinfoil on the back is a weight so it doesn't tip over. The straws on the side so in glide (More)
Boat Races in Science
In science we created a boat that had to be able to move down a tube filled with water without it sinking. In our first trial our boat finished first in 8.03 seconds. For the second trial the change that we are making is we are putting a popsicle sti (More)
Boat Races
 In class we had to do a boat trial to see who's boat was the fastest . Our first trial went good we got got 2nd pl (More)
Boat Races in Science
We created a boat in Science class out of the materials given to us, and we named it "rAGE" The first trial went very well, we got in second place with a time of 8.63 seconds. The changes we are going to make include flipping the boat around in the w (More)
Science Boat Project
Our boat is powered by air. The first time went better than expected. Before it would turn and not make it to the end  but the first trial went well and we got 11.53 seconds. The changes we will make is we will make it shorter because it was too long (More)
Science boat project
the first went better than we expected because before the boat would sometimes not get to the end, but this time it did and we got 11.53 seconds. We will make it shorter because it's too long and put some weight on the back. we hope that we will do b (More)
Day #6
Last Work Day, Almost done, add a few things tomorrow! JP helped us a bunch! (More)
Day #5
We are almost done, we added supports. (More)
Day #4
We have the bridge built! Still working on supporting it up. (More)
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