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LA Mystery
  Just a typical Monday off, which was spent by Johanna Smith, a 17 year old girl at Tanger Outlets, one of her favorite places to shop, I mean, Starbucks, American Eagle, Nike, and so much more! Why wouldn’t she spend her day off there? I me (More)
The Mystery of the Missing Golf Bag
Logan DeWitt Mrs. Roskamp 8C, LA 12 February 2016 The Missing Golf Bag It was April 6, 2020, and T.J. Clark was on the practice putting green at the Masters golf tournament. He was putting with his caddie by his side named Travis Mille (More)
Gabe Deboer Mrs Roskamp 8A LA 12 February 2016   Fred was walking home one day after school with his best friend Bill. They walk home from school everyday in the summer because they like to talk to each other and others that the (More)
L.A. Mystery
It was a beautiful Saturday morning where the birds were chirping their resounding noise in Livingston Montana. The weather was supposed to reach an all time high of 98 degrees, but Billy didn’t have time to enjoy the wonderful weather because he had (More)
Mystery: Philippines Reroute
As Matthew, Leah and Cable entered into Holland Airport they went through security and went to their gate they finally got to relaxe. They were headed to the Philippines. After getting accepted 11 months ago, preparing for thing was a blast but they (More)
MYSTERY   One afternoon Tim was walking downtown Holland to his job. Tara was also walking downtown holland to her job. Two boys Levi and Logan were brothers and just got done playing in a high school basketball and were going out to eat a (More)
Thematic Essay
Paula Vasquez Mrs. Roskamp LA, 8C 26 October 2015   My book is a book full of adventure, war and a little bit of romance. Rilla of Ingleside is a book written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. This book talks about a girl who is in her teen yea (More)
Thematic Essay
Thematic writing The name of the book is The Inn at Ocean’s Edge by Colleen Coble. The book starts out with 2 different stories and then they meet each other and they figure out that Claire was missing for a year and Luke mom went missing the sam (More)
Thematic Writing
  The book I choose to write about is Divergent. It is written by Veronica Roth.The book is about a divergent girl tris. Divergent means that they show more than one trait in a simulation. A simulation is when you get a shot of something and (More)
Joy Joy is like a bright sunshine. It sounds like the ringing of bells. It tastes like your favorite food. It smells like christmas morning. It looks like a smile on a child\'s face. It feels like spring after a dark winter. &nbs (More)
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