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My Mystery Story
Jake Leenstra Mrs. Roskamp L.A. February 16, 2016   The Case of The Missing Dog It was a Saturday afternoon and Joe was just arriving home from his vacation out in Michigan, which is very cold.  Joe was excited to be home in th (More)
Darkness in Disney
“It’s a Small World” was Amy’s favorite ride at Disney. She was with her friend, Tom. They saw the line wasn’t long, so they scooted into the line and waited not long at all. In line, they met a family behind them with two kids. The parents names wer (More)
Thematic writing
This book is teaching the lesson that you have to love your family and help them out.   The book that I read was called Riptide.  It was written by Kat Falls.  In this book lots of people including the main character live underwater and had sea (More)
leo el leon el mejor leo es un leon muy fuerte y entelejente. el tiene mucho mas leones. los hipopotamos pueden matar a un leon  y son muy fuerte. (More)
Dariela el pinguino
Había una vez .había una nina que se llama  Dariela  vivia con su mama, papa y ella y un dia cuando tenia  5 anos y su amiga vino.  Era enemigas por siempre . Y ceria trapar a Dariela y ella corrió mas rapido y Sofia la foca no le trapo. El sigiente (More)
Peter el puma
Peter el puma vivia en un bosque en  Michigan. Estaba hiendo a casa cuando un serpiente vino y Peter brincó y el serpiente cayó (More)
Wierd Crazy, Freakish, Odd, Strange We will never be able to change &n (More)
Abby Daughter of Jeanne Who loves traveling, reading and photography Who loves volleyball, golf and shopping Who dislikes vegetables Who is afraid of spiders, snakes and bugs Who would to get a cat, go to France and Japan Who won (More)
Book by Leah Cooper My family is a book. My Mom is the outside of the book. She holds us all together and keeps us in place, where we should (More)
emotion poem Embarrassment Embarrassment is as red as a dying sun It sounds like the wind in fall It tastes like the only burnt cookie It looks like a (More)
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