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Dollar a Day
The video Dollar a Day made me feel bad for all the people in less developed countries. While watching the video I saw all the children hanging on by a thread to survive. Maybe they don't have enough money for food or not enough money to get a proper (More)
dollar a day
I feel sad for the people in poverty because if they get sick or injured they cant pay to get medicine.  I also think its sad that they have to drink water that has all that dirt and bugs in it. something else that makes me sad is that they don´t hav (More)
Dollar A Day
The video made me feel spoiled and awful! It made me remember that we have so much and we complain and are ungrateful for what we have. I learned that some people have to wonder if they are going to have food the next day. Unlike us we come home f (More)
Dollar a Day
This movie was a really good movie. It looked like a really cool experience. It was pretty impacting realizing how blessed we are. I learned that people are living in poverty and they don't have enough money to make their dreams come true. (More)
Little boy: He was ashamed to wear a jersey of the rugby team. But throughout time he loved them. Secret Service:   Nelson M : He stood up to everyone because he knew what was right for his country. He even stood up to his own family. (More)
Invictus Reflection
One thing that was cool was the little boy who was getting at the church getting free clothes. A lady tried to give him a Springbok jersey but he refused it and ran out of the church because to him it represented apartheid. Then later on in the world (More)
The Secret Service didn't get along at first. The blacks wanted nothing to do with the whites, and the whites wanted nothing to do with the blacks. But as the movie goes on they start to get along. They end up playing Rugby together in the yard. Nels (More)
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