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Joy Joy is like dancing in a quiet meadow. It sounds like children laughing. It tastes like sweet and savory candy and it looks like like children talking. It makes you feel content and happy.   Apples Singing Horse Ly (More)
George Clooney Not at all looney Acted in a movie never been in juvey.More)
My family is a Wild Chef Plate. My dad is the meat, the thing that everyone looks forward to seeing. My mom is the rice, the part of the meal that balances out my dad. Mallory is the carrots, sweet, simple and delicious. Piper is the flav (More)
S-A-M Dogs (More)
Idiotic Foolish, stupid, thoughtless peasant, Open your mouth I\'ll give you a present.  More)
My poems
POEM #1: Can you guess? I start as paper in a giant room Until you pick me up I can make you fly to Neverland Or sail across the sea Fight as a warrior in battle Or flee from the enemy Once I\'m picked up I\'m never put down Never underestim (More)
Book by Leah Cooper My family is a book. My Mom is the outside of the book. She holds us all together and keeps us in place, where we should (More)
SAM Super awesome at driving Always like playing outside Makes mistakes in life Slithering snakes This is a slithering snake It lives in the sky A slithering snake eats steak It likes scaring kids A slithering s (More)
Clerihew Poem
Taylor Swift Gave me a gift. I fell on the ground Before I could make a sound.   (More)
Concrete Poem
A rain cloud lurks above in the dark gray sky waiting for the rain to fall from its full stomach. Waiting for the perfect moment to pour all of its (More)
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