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Science Boat Project
Our boat is powered by air. The first time went better than expected. Before it would turn and not make it to the end  but the first trial went well and we got 11.53 seconds. The changes we will make is we will make it shorter because it was too long (More)
Day #6
Last Work Day, Almost done, add a few things tomorrow! JP helped us a bunch! (More)
Day #5
We are almost done, we added supports. (More)
Day #4
We have the bridge built! Still working on supporting it up. (More)
Day #2
We got our base done today! (More)
Day #3
We built the bridge pieces today and have them glued just not dry yet!  (More)
Bridge- Day 1
We built the bottom of our base and have the wood pieces holding it all up! (More)
Volcano Project
Our volcano explosion is made of baking soda and vinegar. Our group worked well we got everything done. Everything went well. What didn't go w (More)
We put a small pop bottle as the magma chamber and the funnel as the pipe and the crater. We also used 2 ping pong balls to make a homemade smoke bomb. Finnally we paper mached it and painted it.More)
Volcano Project
In science class, we had to create a volcano out of paper mache. We based ours off of Maun (More)
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