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If I could have anything I want.
One day Addy Kuiper and Hannah were sitting around watching their favorite movie, Mean girls. When Hannah asked a question " What if you could go shopping anytime you want and it all be free?" "Well that would one of the best things in the world" (More)
If I could have anything...
* if could have anything i would have a yacht full of shoes*   One day when Addy woke up from a deep sleep and an amazing idea hit her like a bus. she quickly called Hannah Kiekover over so she could share the best idea ever! When Hannah f (More)
The Pearl Response
Just this week, our class read The Pearl by John Steinbeck. Although much could be taken out of this book, the part that stood out to me was how greed can corrupt anyone no matter how they truly are deep down. The main character, a very simple man (More)
the pearl
Kino in The Pearl wanted money for the pearl he caught. what I got out of the book is moneys not everything. be happy with what you have and don't get caught up in running for the money stay focused on God. If you own the world and you die what do yo (More)
The Pearl Evaluation
I know that I am using Mr. Minkus' example,but it truly was what stood out to me in this book, how Kino heard music in his head all the time. I hear music all the time too, but their not my own songs, they're the songs of other people. This is how I (More)
The Pearl
One thing that stood out for me in the book The Pearl is how greedy these people were.  Kino was attacked for his pearl and was driven very far by greed. Kino killed a man because of how clouded he was by this pearl. I guess I learned from this book (More)
The Pearl
The part in the book that got to me was when Kino killed the man and attacked Jauna. The reason why it stuck out for me is because the pearl turned him into an animal and made him do things he usually wouldn't do. He normally was a nice man who wante (More)
The Pearl: What? So What? Now What?
Something that really stands out to me from The Pearl was Coyotito's death after the rifleman shot him even though Kino tried to wrestle the gun away from him. It really stands out to me because this is the point where Kino finally snaps out it an (More)
The Pearl: Reflextion
We just finished The Pearl and here is my reflexing on it: The parts that stood out to me was when Kino hit Juana, his wife, and when the "music of the pearl" began to merge with the "music of the enemy". This was significant because we learned t (More)
The Pearl
What stood out to me in this book is that the main character did exactly what I thought would happen to him. He started to become so obsessed with the pearl that he became like an animal to defend it. He kills a man, almost kills his wife, and the de (More)
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