The Pearl

May 17, 2013  Tagged ,

What stands out to you from the book or one of our conversations? What impacted you the most?

That Kino was so blind to see that the pearl was evil and it was destroying them, and then finally at the end of the book he realizes that what he has done was beyound evil and the pearl made him that way. The most impacted thing on me was how blind you could be to see that something is completely destroying yourself.

What do you learn from this book or one of our conversations? Why does it matter?

I learned that I should not get so obsessed with one thing that is worth a lot because it can destroy you it matters because with one little thing that means the world to you, can destroy it beyond your dreams.

How does what you learned cause you to live, think, or approach the people around you differently?

It causes me to think carefully, do these people love me? Do they except me for who I am? And I have to approach them nicely so they would do it back hopefully.

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