The Story of the Stolen Pickle

Story of the stolen Pickle

It was a morning that started out very shocking. Somebody stole Eli’ s pickle. He yelled at the top of his lungs and cried out, “ my pickle has been stolen,” So he started crying and the bag was ripped and there was blood on the bag. Eli got super mad and started walking up to everyone and asked them if they stole his pickle. He asked Mr. Devries because he saw that he was eating pickles earlier that morning in math class, Mr. Devries said, “ No. What kind of pickles do you have?” Eli said, “ I have Vlasic dill pickles,” Mr. Devries said, “ I hate dill pickles so I’m not the culprit.”

Then Eli went up to Sam Sytsema in 7th grade because he is the funniest kid in the school. Eli asked him what he had for breakfast because he says that every morning to him and Sam said, “ Do you like pickles,” because he says the most random stuff in the world. Eli said, “ Did you steal my pickle?” And then Sam said, “ No but what hand do you like the most?” and he scratched it and ran off screaming.

Then Eli was bleeding and went to the bathroom. While he was in the bathroom he saw a bloody bandaid in the sink. Then Eli went out of the bathroom and looked at everybody’s hand and then he saw Tyler’s hand and it was all scratched up and Eli asked Tyler, “ Why is your hand all scratched up?” and Tyler said, “ Sam scratched it, I did have a bandaid and it got to bloody so I took it off and got a fresh one.” Eli smelled his breath and it smelled like pickles and all of a sudden he punched Tyler in the face and said, “ you stole my pickles!” and then Tyler said, “ You wouldn’t give me

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