Metaphor Writing

Weston Mannes
Mrs. Roskamp
LA, 8B
November, 14, 2016

Metaphor Writing
I am an ocean. I have many similarities to an ocean. My first similarity is I can hold and comfort many creatures. Just like me I can comfort many people when they are hurting or when they need help. There is so much space in the ocean and I am always open about things and never say, “no” to people who need kindness.

I also am an ocean because I have all kinds of caves that I go into. I go into the cave to run away from my problems. Sometimes people say how they are a firm believer in not running but facing their problems. Everyone has that cave or that weakness inside of them that holds them back.

I also am an ocean because of the wars that go on on my surface. When the ships fire back and forth between each other I can be on both sides of it. Just like when friends fight I know both sides of the story so I don’t know where to go to I just stay out of it or stay under it, if I’m the ocean. Sometimes there are the missiles that get fired and travel through me like I am the messenger, and when the ship blows up I am polluted with oil of guilt of betraying my friend.

Lastly I am an ocean because of the beautiful coral at the surface. It shows that I am pleasant and nice and everything is good. But then you start to get deeper and deeper and your realize once you get to know me that I am not perfect. I have volcanic eruptions going off under my waters all of the time. In conclusion I am an ocean because of my creatures, caves, wars, surface and depths.

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