February 20

My stress.

I ┬áhave been stressing about how my dad thinks how I am doing in karate and if not doing karate is good for me or not because I do want to become a master but I don’t want to be in class right now because I think that it could be too much stuff for me to do including homework. I also don’t want my dad to be upset with me for not being in class. Right now I am hiding my true feelings from my dad but I want to tell him, I just… I don’t want to hurt his feelings. I feel like I can do it but I need a little support in it I want to tell a friend but it feels to personal, I want to tell my mom but I don’t want her to tell my dad. So I’m stuck in the middle with telling him myself… but I don’t feel ready, I want to put it off over and over, but I will decide on something someday, right?


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