February 28

Reflecting As a Learner.

In Spanish we have been learning about adverbs. I have really enjoyed learning a new language. Like, when I started school I didn’t know anything, but now I really like it, to know another language. Now I can sort of talk to my little brother and sister who are in Spanish Immersion. It is harder than learning it in class. I do like learning it in class but trying to listen to them and pick out the words I know.


What I have learned to do is to say if something is on top, below, on the left, on the right, close to, in the middle of, and  on the side of. I have also been learning how to say all of the adverbs in a sentence. It is pretty easy to do, but you can get stuck. I have also learned how to research in S.S. and Exploration , like how many questions I should use to research.

In Spanish I like it when I am doing interactive activities with a partner, because then I can communicate with them instead of just not knowing something and going straight to the teacher and putting more work on them. So you could say I don’t always go to the teachers when I should. 🙂

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