January 27

Amazon Land Use

I am with the Native Amazonians, partly because they aren’t doing anything to hurt the basin and because they are just wanting nothing more than to keep their way of life. I see that as a good thing. Also, going against my own group, the settlers could have just went strait to the native amazonians for farming and homes! I would have and I wish they would have in the past, cause then they would have a place to live, a place to farm, and they would be keeping the basin the way it was, and by doing that you would be protecting the forest! All of that is good!

I have a few things I’d like to point out, one; most of the groups, not including the native amazonians, are mainly hurting the forest by cutting down trees, by wanting to slow down the growth of the forest, by building houses and fences, by putting animals that shouldn’t be there, and there are many more, but I mean most people who have been forced there or come to produce money from the recourses there or whatever! They all come for a reason, and most of their reasons have caused bad things, and if we want to keep this beautiful and amazing forest here, we need to look into what we are doing and what it could cause and if we don’t then that could cause death of many, many living, breathing things, including what we use to breath, and I don’t think we want that!
-A Settler.

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