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Lately in Social Studies we have been learning about China and especially about the geography of Ancient China and about what made the geography so good. I enjoy that we are learning how they did things in their past and learning about their culture and religion and how they lived their lives. In science we are finishing up a project on the earth’s tectonic plates and the ways they move and when they do move what they form. Me and Hunter are doing a project on ocean trenches and are learning about how they are formed and what they do. I really enjoy doing it because we get to work with people we normally don’t work with and it is really fun because we get to do whatever we want to to explain the ocean trenches. I enjoy math because we can go at whatever pace we want to and do not need to worry about others and because we can ask the teachers for help whenever we need them to help us and right we are learning the hard stuff as a group so that we all understand it. In L.A we are learning about grammar (which is not my favorite subject) but what I do enjoy doing is writing the different paragraphs and playing games that help us learn our vocabulary words. I like all the specials (P.E, choir, band, art) although I don’t really like band and my favorite is P.E. I like culture because we get to learn about other places around the world. And I like reading in Spanish class and I kind of like learning about Spanish grammar and I do like learning about bible in Spanish.



One skill I have learned as a sixth grader is how to write a paragraph. I mostly learned how to write a paragraph from Miss L. because we have to write a lot of paragraphs that have to do with Social Studies. I have learned where to put punctuation into my paragraph and a lot of grammar, especially how to spell words. I have also learned how to form paragraphs and where to put different parts of my writing. Another skill that I have learned is how to find the mean, median, mode, and range of data sets. I have found different ways to find them and what they help you accomplish, how you use them, and where you find them. Another skill is using teamwork to accomplish things. I have gotten much better at that this year because we do these big projects and we need the help of others to accomplish big tasks. What I like about that is that you get to meet new people that you do not normally see or hang out with. And you get a chance to find your strength and weaknesses and figure out how to improve on them and then everyone would get a job and that is perfect teamwork.


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  1. Me alegra que te guste la gramática aunque solo te gusta un poquito. Espero que veas el beneficio de aprenderla. 🙂

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