I have learned that multi step equations are not that fun because there is much stuff to remember! You have to remember to add or subtract from both sides of the equation. You have to remember the if the greater than or equal than sign is flipped if you multiply of divide by a negative. And I think the problems are easy sometimes and then I get them wrong and it’s like way more complicated than the way I learned it in the lessons when I’m taking a quiz or test.


  1. Oma Fischer

    You’re right, Cam. It’s sort of like baking cookies; you need to use the right size measure (teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, etc) in the right numbers to equal the balanced and delicious cookie! If you use > you need of salt (1 cup), or < you need of flour( 2 Tablespoons) you will end up with imbalanced (yucky) cookies. Balance the sides of the equation and you will get the balanced equation that tastes (oops, I mean works) right! Love you and have a good day!

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