while the world watched

There were a lot more acts of segregation violence than the children’s march in the civil rights movement. There are a lot more terrible acts what are not always told? There was a group of white and black integrationists swimming in the segregated hotel pool. Then the manager James Brock poured acid into the pool yelling I’m cleaning the pool yet they didn’t leave then a man jump in to try to clear them out Thankfully no one was hurt but all were arrested

Maryland may 13 1964

George Wallace was running for president at the time and campaigning on a segregation platform. Democratic primary election. His speech triggered protest the national guard used tear gas to break up the protest they used brutal force to separate them        

Rochester new york July 25 1964

This isn’t the first time the police and fireman turn fire hoses on and spread protester’s to quell the streets. The riots lasted several days.

Challenges as tourist and worker. It Was hard because you couldn’t get to the country you wanted to because of the borders and some worker were so slow. There were other ones who were stricted .There were long lines. money was key because if you are from Surtented countries you don’t have to pay as much or you have to pay a lot.

The benefit to each country the biggest benefit from my country was it was that they had to pass France to get to us. The Italians had to go to France and pay 8 dollars than to us 8 dollars then back through France.