The Eagle Huntress


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Response To The Film

Didn’t know there were that many eagles. I didn’t know that Mongolia was right above China. It gets really cold like -40 degrees. The horses look different because they have a lot of fur and need it for the cold. Some people didn’t like that a girl participated in the festival.

Response To TheĀ Article

How did he get around to film all these people in the mountains and in the middle of nowhere? I wonder if the girl won anymore festivals. If she looks ford to doing it again next year. If she will teach her kids in the future.

Saugatuck Film Festival


Posted by kcook22 | Posted in Culture Blog | Posted on March 22, 2017

To Scale: The solar System

-It was cool that it took over 7 miles of desert to scale all the planets. It made me think if there were actually people on the moon. Cool to see how much effort they put into the model. It was my favorite of them all. I like they they showed us what they found out about the solar system.

Running Wild

– Scary to run when there could be a animal right around the tree. It would be bad if you sprained you ankle because you could be stuck out there tell help comes. The runners could run 100 miles per race. It would be difficult I think when your running for a whole day. It would be fun to see God’s creation and nature.

Canyon Song

– It would be fun going out and playing in the canyon. They look like there happy they know there past. I wonder if there still Christians because they sing to the tribe spirits. If they ever get tired of going out to the canyon. If they will past the past to there kids.

Possible Jobs

-Camera man, Driver, Marble maker, Hunting camera maker, Farmer, Light maker, runner, designer, and a surf board maker.


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