The Stoning of Stephen

The project that I chose for the Stoning of Stephen was a newspaper article that can be seen below. I think that I did a pretty good job of explaining the story and using quotes from Stephen. If I was really observing this event, I think that it would make me disgusted that they are brutally executing him because he has different beliefs. Acts 8:1 says that they Saul (later Paul) was there and approved of them killing him. I would certainly be made at him if I was there and saw him do this. Quite ironic that one of the great christian persecutors became perhaps the greatest preacher of the word. I believe that the reason that the early church kept it up, despite persecution, is because they knew that they had eternal life and didn’t need to worry about their earthly lives.


The Stoning of Stephen Newspaper Article

Stephen, a deacon of Jesus Christ, was stoned to death around 2000 years ago.  He was a man of God through and through. He was selected with six others to help the people in the area while the disciples left to preach the word of God. He was stoned because he was falsely accused of speaking poorly about Moses, and about God. His enemies produced false witnesses to testify against him in the Sanhedrin. In reply to this, Stephen gave a history of the Hebrews. He talked about Abraham, father of all the Jews. He spoke of Isaac, father of Jacob, and Jacob’s twelve sons. He spoke of Joseph, who became the ruler of Egypt. He also talked of Moses, and many more such as kings David and Solomon. Concluded with saying, “was there ever a prophet your ancestors did not persecute.” This made the Sanhedrin furious, and they decided to stone him to death. Before the beginning of the stoning, Stephen said, “Look, I see heaven open and the son of man standing at the right hand of God. After being dragged out of the city, he prayed this to the son, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit,” and then, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” After all of that, Stephen died.

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