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Bible Holy Spirit Presentation


The Holy spirit is more than we can comprehend. He is God, he is also a divine person. He is the same as God just with a different characteristics. The Holy Spirit is an individual, he has his own mind, emotions, and will. But he also has omniscience and omnipresence just like God. Omniscience is knowing everything just how he knows everything that we are thinking, feeling, everything. Omnipresence means that he is everywhere, so he is always with you. Also he fulfills the names given to God like, comforter, advocate and counselor.
For me the holy spirit is amazing too. He is my comforter and counselor. He is my advocate, he is sent by God for everyone, to help everyone grow closer to God. The Holy spirit fills you with joy and when he is in you he urges you to make decisions that please God. He is my guide. When you get lost or need wisdom, the holy spirit will send it. Just like how he guided the people who wrote the bible, he guides us to understand it. The Holy spirit is my counselor, advocate, comforter, and guide.

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