Weekly Update

The book Snow Treasure is about a boy named Peter and his friends help his uncle Victor get gold to America but they are trying to sneak past the Germans.

Some of the major differences are in the book the kids bring the gold down on sleds and in the movie they do it on skis.

Nothing was really challenging for me this week.

Also Mr.Keyser showed us an Elvis video that Mr. and Mrs.Keyser were in.

Hello, and once again, Happy Friday!!

Well, I changed my mind and found a few minutes to put this blog together Thursday afternoon.  Academically, we are pretty much where we were last week. The students in each of our math classes are coming to the close of their respective units on Multiplication and Long Division. We will be switching this next Wednesday.

We had a very good Worship gathering on Wednesday, and in addition to singing some great Praise and Worship songs, we had a fun lead in to “March is Reading Month”. The theme this year is from the very popular, “Where’s Waldo” series. I am asking that if you have any of those books, or any of the books from the “I Spy” series at home, that we could borrow them for some of our activities. This next Wednesday will be a comfy PJ day, and the class is encouraged to bring in a flashlight and wear their PJ’s.

I spoke with a woman who ran into Mrs. Hall a couple of days ago, and she said that things were so much better. She is doing some part time work with a corporation that puts on seminars, and she is also working part time at her church. So good to hear that she is doing well.

I have included an informational link about a book that can be ordered that would be a great addition to any family’s library, and one that the monies raised will go to a very worthy cause!

Hoping and praying you all have a very nice weekend! Very Sincerely, Paul Keyser

Book order form.docx

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