Market Day-Pitch Reflection

1.How do you think your pitch went?

I think it went well.


2.What went well?

When we were speaking


3.What did not go so well?

Nothing went didn’t go bad at all


4.Describe the setting where the pitch took place.

It took place in the conference room.


5.How did you feel before and after the pitch?

Before:I was a nervous wreck.

After:I felt like a huge weight was off my shoulders.


6.Reflect on your preparation.Do you think you were well prepared?

I think we were well prepared because when we did it we did not forget any of our lines.


7.If you could do the pitch again,what would you do differently?

We would probably do the speaking different.


8.What questions from the Venture Capitalists surprised you?


9.What 3 recommendations would you give to another entrepreneur of your age?

1.Do notecards

2.Do food (The Venture Capitalists like food)

3.Don’t be super nervous


10.What offer(s) did you receive and accept from the Venture Capitalists?

We got a offer were 2 of the Venture Capitalists we would have to give them 5 cents for every box of popcorn we sell and with a free cup of pop.


If happy was a color it would be…

Orange it reminds me of the Detroit Tigers!

If happy was a taste it would be…

Pizza because I like cheese!

If happy was a touch it would be…

Cat’s because there fluffy!

If happy was a smell it would be…

Pizza because it smells good!

If happy was a sound it would be…

baseball hitting a bat because I like that sound