February 7

Spaghetti Tower Reflection

We have been working recently on a project in science involving making spaghetti towers. Our (Alex, Aiden, Cal, and Caleb) tower did not go so well.The requirements of the tower were it had to be 40 inches high and hold an egg on to of it during an earthquake. In the beginning, all was going well. Our teamwork was great, our blueprint was excellent and everything seemed to be going well. When we started building the first story it was awesome. Then the second story happened. Our blueprint made our second story lopsided and we had a few different ideas to fix it and we ended up trying to replace the marshmallow and the spaghetti sticks snapped and we ruined our tower and only got it to about half the height. In the end, we improvised to the best of our abilities and we got what you see in the picture.

If you would like to see a more detailed presentation click here.

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