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Something that stood out the most to me was how selfish Kino got and how money and greed can truly impact people in a bad way, and it made me mad how greedy Kino was. Another thing that stoke out to me was how Juna stayed with Kino, I would’ve left him and never came back. I thought she was dumb to stay with him for everything he has done. He went crazy over a dumb pearl. I learned from this book that greed brings out our ugly sides and how some people do anything just for what they want. This made me learn not to be selfish and greedy because when we are, it makes us look foolish and beings out the worst of us. I learned that we should not be selfish with our things and share so that we aren’t greedy and selfish because no one wants to be around someone who only thinks for themselves and wont share and stuff. Also to be grateful for everything we have because it can be taken away, so to cherish everything we own and for friends and family.
Overall this book was something I did’t enjoy, it wasn’t my kind’ve book but I know some people may of enjoyed it but I personally didn’t.

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I really like your great writing work! keep it up girl! 😉

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