Picture Book Reflection

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The picture book was fine. I really liked to write the book but i did not like the pictures. I am not a good artist and I think that that made my picture book less interesting. I would change the ending because it ends on a good note but I want it to keep going for like two more pages. The hardest thing for me was the rough draft I would change my ideas so many times the page was black and full of eraser dust. I think that i would have do a before rough draft and a after rough draft. I would have had someone else do my pictures for  me. I think that the kids like the book but the pictures did not help them connect to the book. Some of the research that we did was on little kids to see what they liked. I think this helped us ALOT and that we could learn how they like to see books. On another note I do some babysitting witch helped a lot for me to learn and read A LOT of picture books along the the way. I learned a lot about the books with the kids that helped me learn. They helped me dig deep into the book.

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