What was the hardest part?

The hardest part for me was trying to get everyone to like it. It was hard not just trying to get what your country wanted and compromising to get more people to like it and get more ideas in.  It was also hard when people where asking questions on your resolution and you had to know what to say to try and get them to vote for yours.


What did you learn about other people, either in your classroom or internationally?

I learned that people all over the world have different views and prospectives and that you need to see the situation from the other persons prospective as well as your own so that you can help them see the benefit it would have to them and you. I also learned that people don’t always want to compromise because they think they have the best idea.


How does this challenge you to interact differently with other people?

It challenges me to not just say things from my prospective and what I think but to also look at how they might view this situation  and what they might think about it. It also challenges me to acknowledge others ideas and incorporate them into one idea that we can all accept even if we don’t fully agree.

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