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Immigration Stories

on February 11, 2014

Today I heard a story from a lady named Catherine Namwezi. We asked her a few questions, one of them was why did you come to U.S.A. She said that she came here for the education from Hope collage. we also asked her what was her favorite part of USA she told us that she liked the good education. We asked her what she missed the most about Uganda she told us she missed the food and the weather. She didn’t like the snow very much she was really use the the hot weather she told us she had two seasons the dry season and the wet season she said she had the dry season for about five to six months and the wet season for about six to seven months. She also told us that Uganda was divided into different kingdoms and each kingdom had a different culture and different language she said there are over 40 different languages in the USA the main two languages are Swahili and English. She also told us that the main religions were christianity and islam. She told us that they have the best mangos bananas pineapples and avocados  There are also 1,061 different types of birds. Some of the main exports they have are fish, tea, coffee, tabaco cotton, corn, beans, and sesame. I really appreciate the awesome story she told us! thanks so much for coming to ZCS and sharing that story with us!

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