Thematic writing

Mrs. Roskamp
LA, 8B
19 October 2016
Thematic Writing

The book Gulliver’s travels is a book about a guy named Gulliver. He is an explorer and once upon a time he was on a voyage and a storm swept him up. He found himself tied to the ground on an island. The island’s name was liliput. Which is kind of funny because everyone on the island is like 3 inches tall. In one part Gulliver put out a fire that was in the capital by peeing on it. On his second voyage he went to a land of giants. The giants were so big that Gulliver was about the size of a lilliputian. Throughout this book I felt that the author like to talk like he is from an older time, because he uses, thou, shalt, whom, etc. I also felt like the author was trying to tell us that nobody is perfect and not everybody can always be honest.

In Gulliver’s there aren’t many conflicts. One of them though is.. the emperor of lilliput was cracking open an egg. When he had cracked it open he cut his finger on one of the pieces. The king insisted on having everyone break their eggs on the smaller side. Apparently everyone wanted to open their eggs on the big side because there ended up being 5 or 6 rebellions throughout the book. I think the theme fits in because, one person cut their finger on an eggshell. Not everyone does that, so why enforce a law just because he can?

Another conflict in the book could be, on Gulliver’s 3 voyage he meets the Yahoo’s, who he calls filthy savages. Gulliver doesn’t like them so he decides to leave and travel to a different land this land is the home of Houyhnhnms. They are horse like creatures who are very smart and Gulliver put them above the human race. He put aside all humans and he just wanted to be with the Houyhnhnms. Even when he went back home he despised the humans, and thought he was better than everyone else because the was with the Houyhnhnms.

I conclusion, I feel like Gulliver is a very picky person and he picks out the bad things in people he doesn’t like and picks out the good things in the people that he does like. There are actually a lot of themes in the book like, be kind to everyone, don’t kick people out of things just because they are different than everyone else. The book also had some great humor in it, like the egg conflict. How the emperor demanded that all eggs must be broken on the smaller end of the egg not the bigger side. I think Gulliver’s Travels is a great book and I would suggest it for the people who like to read older based fantasy/fiction.

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