January 30

Pinball Final Post

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Pinball  Reflection

By: Alyson Vikstrom

  • Is the pinball  machine more scientific than you thought?

Yes, all  of the electric circuits like a light, a fan are scientific because they have electricity. I did not know how much electric can be so scientific. The other things on the pinball machine that is so scientific is  magnets because the magnets attract when you put them close together.


  • What is one (or more) things you learned?

-Newton’s laws of motion

  1.  (Inertia)
  2.  (mXa=force )
  3.    ( action & reaction)


  • What is one (or more)  things that surprised you?

One of the things that surprised me is that making a light bulb light up takes a lot of work. Because sometimes it does not work or it just gets messed up.


  • What were the joys of working in a group?

That we had great ideas ,and thoughts,also suggestions.

And also to work as a group.


  • What were some struggles of working in a group?

Well we did not know who did certain parts.

And I did not know what my group was doing ( my group always going ahead of me)


  • In general… for future group work.

I think that this is a great experience for working in a group. In the future when I will work with a group I will be used to it.


  • Mention specific ways you can grow before Market Day.

  • To not get mad at people when they are trying do something
  • To listen ( so I can  understand)  


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